Big Massive Huge Life-Changing Changes!

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I never thought I’d be writing this blog post so soon…But I am…So, life has been pretty hectic lately and there are some very BIG CHANGES looming. I’m just going to blurt it out: we are moving to Finland!!! Yup. To my homeland. Probably very soon. Like in May! It’s crazy times and even though we’ve been talking about moving for years the decision to move now came very quickly.

The reason we’re moving already now is basically because of Matthew’s work here – I can’t and won’t go into detail but he needed to get out of there, so we decided that he should just hand in his notice and we’d quickly rent out the flat and move in with my parents for a while. Yesterday was his last day at work.

We already went down the renting route but after having problems with the agency we chose we realised that we wouldn’t be making enough of a profit to make up for the hassle of dealing with them, or any other agency for that matter. Plus having to worry that the tenant might move out and needing to find a new one is the last thing we want to deal with when relocating to a new country with two small kids. Also, we will need the deposit to put towards a place in Helsinki as we can’t live in my mum’s flat forever.

So we decided to sell our lovely two bedroom home. You might already have seen our posts about it on Facebook and Instagram – but I’m sharing the ad here as well if you or anyone you know is looking to buy property in Edinburgh. See the ad for our flat HERE and if you like it come and have a look!

Anyway, so my mum owns a flat in the beautiful southern part of Helsinki where I’ve also lived for many years when I was studying – and as of July it’ll be free for us to move into. It’s not big enough for us though so we will have to find something else eventually. But it’s pretty great that we have this option!

You might be wondering why we are moving. Well, apart from Finland apparently being the happiest country in the world at the moment, there are many reasons. First of all I should say that this is something that has been brewing for years and only now was Matthew ready to take the plunge. But essentially it all boils down to the fact that I miss my family and friends and feel like it’s time to go home. Simple as that. I also think Matthew is ready for a change – and I want him to really get to know who I am, my culture and my people.

But, there are also many practical reasons, such as childcare in Finland being so much cheaper than here. This means I can go back to full-time work (or 4 days a week would be ideal) and we would be better off financially. Obviously we still need to find jobs though haha! But everybody’s saying that the work situation is pretty good in Finland at the moment, so hoping it’ll all work out.

You might’ve heard about the Finnish education being among the best in the world, so I would love for my girls to take advantage of that. Plus it’s free and you don’t have to stress about catchment areas. It is also important to me that Lana and Maya learn Finnish in addition to Swedish and English, and the only way for them to do that is to live there. I want to give my girls all the opportunities I can, and if they speak Finnish they can choose to study/work in Finland or the UK when they are older. I want all doors to be open for them.

Things I miss about Finland, apart from friends and family of course, are the four distinctive seasons (I love snow!), the food, Helsinki, chewing gum, the cleanliness (so sick of all the dog poos on the streets here!), mixer taps (!!), no shoes inside, the warm(er) summers with midnight sun, the nature etc. etc.

I will obviously also miss many things about Edinburgh and Scotland – and I don’t even think I realise how much and how many things I will miss before I’ve lived back home for a while. Something I know I’ll miss already is the friendly people here. And the beautiful streets of Edinburgh. And Boots. Because in Boots you can find everything. Oh, and the most important thing: creme eggs. Will buy a truckload to take with me to Finland.

At the moment we don’t have a set moving date as our flat only went on the market yesterday. So we need to get that sorted, then get rid of all the stuff we’re not taking with us and then moving all the stuff we are taking. All of this is expensive I can tell you! The closer we get to actually doing this the more nostalgic I’m getting. I am feeling every emotion under the sun at the moment. A lot of mixed emotions.

I’m sad to be missing out on the birth of Matthew’s sister’s little girl. Sad to be leaving so many amazing people behind. Sad that Lana and Maya won’t see their Nana and Pop as often as they have been now. Sad that I have to leave my job I’ve really enjoyed. Sad that I have to leave my plant babies behind (I really am!). I wish we could just merge Scotland and Finland into one country and all live happily ever after!

Anyway, shit’s getting real and we just have to roll with it. This is a new start and pretty much EVERYTHING is changing. But I like change and I can’t wait to go home.

Finland here we come!!!

x Nina x