Birthdays, Colds & Rats

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Howdy ho! Really struggling to find time to update my blog these days, nevertheless to plan what I’m going to write about – so once again I’m just going to ramble about random things.

Could maybe start with the slightly depressing fact that it was my birthday yesterday and I’m now another year older…I really don’t like the thought of getting closer to 40! Just feel like there’s too much to do and learn before that. There’s not enough time! Anyway, had a lovely birthday and barely had time to think about my age. We had a super nice couple I met on Instagram over for lunch followed by dinner with lots of family at my parents’ house. Oh and again, just like last year, it snowed on my birthday – the perfect birthday present if you ask me!

Just finished my second last online class in nutrition. We got another assignment I actually can’t wait to get started with; one where we have to write a food diary for one day and then analyse how much macronutrients, vitamins and minerals we’re getting. During the weeks I eat mostly vegan, so will be interesting to see if I’m getting all I need.

My wee bug will be two.

Next Saturday Maya will be two (!) and we’re having a party for family and relatives. Wish our Scottish family could join us too! This year I’ve ordered a cake because I just can’t be bothered spending hours on planning and then baking the damn thing. Plus I’m sure it’ll be a lot tastier than my lovely creations haha. I will make a raw cake though, they’re so easy.

Maya actually stayed at home today since she’s unwell. She’s got a cold and a bit of fever, but nothing serious. I’m quite surprised that it took two months of nursery before she got ill – I was convinced the whole autumn was just going to be one big illness. Lana has a very slight cold too, but hope she won’t get any worse. Maybe Maya developed some resistance last year when Lana started nursery and they both were ill a fair bit?

Lana has been testing our patience recently…But we still love her. Most of the time.

I go through phases of not sleeping well, and at the moment I’m right in the middle of one. So pretty damn tired at the moment – and I can feel how my body is running on adrenaline. Probably not a good thing…Should start meditating or doing mindfulness exercises or something, but I’m just too tired to get into that right now haha. Another thing that has kept me up is that I’ve started hearing mice/rats/squirrels running around and nibbling on our house in the walls and ceilings. I can hear them right now too! Apparently it is common and nothing to worry about too much, but we’ll probably buy this ultrasonic rat repeller as we don’t really want any intruders in our house. Matthew wants to get a cat instead but I just don’t want any more stress in my life right now.

We’ve gotten a few more lamps installed and it makes such a difference! This place was lamp heaven (Sessak in Porvoo).

Project paint the house is continuing and I have now finished the guest room and the girls’ room. I can’t wait to get started on our bedroom – and instead of painting the whole room a darkish blue I’m now thinking about doing one wall in a terracotta shade. Decisions decisions!

Matthew is wanting to watch Succession now (watch it!) so will stop here. Have a lovely week everyone and stay out of trouble. Peace out.

x Nina x

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