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The Elephant House

I was trying to come up with a pun for the title, but can’t think of anything…As you might’ve guessed already, this post will be about a thing British people really seem to love: puns. I guess English, with its inconsistency between spoken and written language, is perfect for producing puns. (Btw, ‘The Elephant House’ is not a pun, it’s one of the cafes where J.K.Rowling wrote Harry Potter. Just chucked it in there to confuse you.)

(If you don’t know what a pun is, it’s: ‘A play on words, sometimes on different senses of the same word and sometimes on the similar sense or sound of different words.’)

We don’t really have a ‘pun-culture’ in Finland, but here in the UK you’ll find shops with carefully thought out funny names everywhere. I’ve seen loads here in Edinburgh, but have only managed to snap a photo of a few. Enjoy!

codfather fish n chips Edinburgh

Criminally good Fish & Chips. Yet to try it out!


I can just hear Sean Connery trying to say ‘casino’…

BaGet Stuffed Edinburgh

Baguette shop telling you to get lost? Wonder if they confused ‘stuff your face’ with ‘get stuffed’…


Not sure if this name refers to a ‘happy daze’ that visiting this cafe will produce, or to the TV-show ‘Happy Days’? Why is ‘happy’ spelled ‘happiee’ and why is there a guy with a sombrero above the name? Anyone?

Dough Re Mi

It doesn’t look like this place has much more going for it than the name.

the write stuff

This stationery shop located in the Stockbridge area is quite a cute one.


Thai food always makes me think of bondage. Erm, not.


This is not actually a shop, but an advertisement for buses that you’ll find on must bus stops in Edinburgh. They make me laugh every time I see them – these ads look like they were made in the 80s (who knows, maybe they were??) and are just really badly executed. Seriously, who thinks a great night out is spent on a bus?? The colours, light, cropping, copywriting and the whole idea is just so wrong. I really wonder who the city of Edinburgh has paid for these. (And how much!)

The shops up until here are all in Edinburgh, but can’t resist including some really funny store puns from other places that I found online. I hope you find these as hilarious as I do!

Abra Kebabra

Magic kebabs.

curl up an dye

This is where you go to curl up and dye…Quite a risky one don’t you think?!


Don’t really know what Forrest Gump and florists have in common…Any ideas guys?

pita pan

I prefer Pita Pan to Peter Pan.


To get some of these puns you really have to say the words out loud.


Loving this one! 🙂


Not quite as chic and sexy as Sex and the City, but good effort anyway.


This kinda works.


Another thai-inspired one. Again, don’t quite get what Thai food and Titanic has in common…Other than that it makes a funny restaurant name!


Last but not least, this “shop” in Stoke Newington, London, is just amazing! However, I don’t think that Selfridge’s (voted the best department store in the world) posh reputation has quite managed to rub off on this street store…

I think we could need some humour in Finnish shops too!

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x Nina x