Brother Number Two's Wedding

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About a month ago, on August 23rd 2014 my second oldest brother got married to his partner and the mother of their two beautiful children – my only niece and nephew so far. All in all it was a day of happiness and family and friends getting together, just like a wedding should be! Here are some of the pics from the day.


They got married in the historic cathedral in our home town Porvoo, just like my twin brother did last summer.


Unfortunately I don’t have a better photo of the beautiful car.


Matthew did  a great job looking after my 9-month old nephew when the rest of us were running around trying to get ready for the wedding.


I managed to stain the baby with my lipstick – what kind of a mother will I be?!


My little niece in her wedding outfit. She started crying in the church when she realised that her grannies and granddads with family were sitting on the opposite sides of the isle – she wanted everyone to sit together. <3


Purple and bling was the theme. The venue was on an island outside Porvoo town, right next to the sea.


My seat.


La famiglia, now all with the same surname. The Äikäs clan is growing 🙂


The newlyweds with parents and my grandmother from my father’s side.


The wedding couple with children, parents and siblings. My brother’s look like giants haha.


A rare photo of almost all of my brothers et moi.


My niece is telling me something. Miss her so much!

Nicole copy

A photo Matthew snapped, one of my favourites from the day.


My parents looking very youthful – and they’re both smiling in a photo!


Not too big a fan of proper cakes any more, but this one was amazing. Had a bit too much so felt slightly sick afterwards (story of my life).


The cake-cutting moment. There was a band playing later on, but don’t think I’ve got photos of them.


Me with my sister-in-law on the right (she’s also pregnant and we’re just 2 months apart) and my younger brother’s fiancée on the left.


And the lads on the opposite side of the table. It’s my twin on the left and my third youngest or oldest brother on the right of Matthew (whose kilt got a fair bit of attention again).

All in all the wedding was a success, well planned with fun games, good food and music. And good people of course.

x Nina x