Burns Night, Feeding Chickens & A New Buggy

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We’ve had a good weekend albeit not very happening – but sometimes those weekends are the best ones. I feel like we’ve all been quite relaxed and like we’ve recharged batteries for the coming week. We’ve also made some big purchases, such as a new buggy, yay. Scroll down to see what we got up to!

I’m going to start with Friday, because it always feels like weekend already. Lana’s friend Max came over to play so his mum and I could do some baking. Lana managed to get him into her Belle dress in no time.

We made Finnish Karelian pasties and an arabic Harissa cake that you cover in loads of sugar syrup. Unfortunately our oven was a bit too hot so it was drier than it was supposed to be…

After Max left Lana decided she wanted to paint my nails…Best manicure from a two year old I’ve ever had! Luckily the nail polish is made for kids and can be washed off.

In the evening Matthew’s mum, dad, sister and brother came over for Burns supper to celebrate Robert Burns – the Scottish National poet. And no, those Karelian pasties are not all we offered our guests haha.

What was on our plates was the traditional haggis (veggie for me), neeps (swede) and tatties (potato) with a whisky sauce. Simple but tasty – need to eat it more often!

On Saturday we joined Max for a feeding session of the nursery chicken Molly.

Molly wasn’t scared of us at all, but have to admit I was a little scared of her…


Maya was snuggled up in an Ergo baby carrier as she doesn’t seem to like the sling anymore and just tries to break free.

After hanging out with Molly we started feeling hungry so we stopped at Archipelago bakery where you can get really nice bread and salads.

They were out of salads so I went for a warming sweet potato chilli instead. Lana already had her lunch sandwich in the buggy so she got a piece of carrot cake (which I ended up eating).

Maya woke up too.

We continued our walk to John Lewis to look at Bugaboos. I want to get a buggy board with a seat for Lana and I don’t think our current buggy can handle that – and as I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about the Dutch Bugaboos I decided it’s going to be one of them.

After asking lots of buggy questions and buying a Nutribullet (Matthew broke our blender the night before) we headed to the new cafe on the 5th floor. Views were pretty great!

I bought Lana a lunchbox that came with some pens. The other day she drew her first face! So proud.

A bus ride later we were home. Matthew made some bonbons from the leftover haggis and Lana watched Pinocchio.

Then it was time for a bath for Maya – and before we knew it Lana was butt naked and climbing into the bath…So sister bath it is!

On Sunday I put on my new seamless Gibson Girl tights and went for a refreshing run in the grey. They’re so comfy and flattering with the perfect waist. See their tights here.

Pappa had a driving lesson and us girls stayed in. You’re never too young to be a Disney princess!

I started making dinner, for which I used our new Nutribullet twice: for the hazelnut pesto and the butternut squash gnocchi. Such a nice recipe, and vegan too. You can find it here!

And before I knew it I had messaged a woman on Gumtree who was selling her Bugaboo Cameleon and somehow ended up with a new buggy! It’s a lovely light khaki colour, not as grey as it looks in this photo. I took it out for a spin today and omg the suspension is so much better and Maya seemed to like it too. And it looks and feels new – it was definitely worth saving £700 for!!

That was our weekend in a nutshell, hope you had a good one too!

x Nina x