Busy Times

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There’s been a lot going on lately with moving house, travelling, arguing about stupid things, painting and a bunch of other stuff I won’t talk about here – so I haven’t had the time or energy to update the blog as much. Which is a shame as I feel there’s so much I’d like to share here! Anyway, I thought painting the whole flat would be a fairly quick thing to do, and I guess it could’ve been without Lana…But hey, we’ll get things done eventually! Yesterday I finally unpacked the last boxes, so that felt good.

We’ve also painted the living room and kitchen, including the tiles. I had no idea you could even paint the tiles before my friend told me she did it and that it looks good. First I thought we’d just paint everything white, but had a change of heart and decided the living room should be grey instead. Having painted one wall I was really worried it was going to be too dark…But luckily the colour got lighter as the paint dried and even though it is darker than I would’ve opted for I actually quite like it now. It creates a nice contrast against the white skirting boards and the fireplace that we’ll paint white too. Ok, enough about painting, I’m boring myself haha!

Last night we attended Matthew’s colleague’s wedding and although we didn’t stay late and didn’t have too many glasses of wine I feel a bit crap today – I even had a nap with Lana. Think I might actually have a cold, but still hoping this will clear up by tomorrow morning! Like last autumn, I’ve had allergic symptoms this autumn too (no idea what I’m allergic to though) and waking up every morning feeling like I have a slight cold. My eyes, throat and ears are itchy and it’s just so annoying not knowing what it is – and not being sure if I’m actually ill or not!

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I haven’t been too busy to have a haircut (omg it’s so short!) and try out Snapchat filters with Lana…She looks so fierce in the photos, like she doesn’t give a s**t. She’s been unusually cute today – do other parents also have days where your kids are just extra well behaved and you just want to hug and kiss them all the time?! She started the day by saying “morning” for the first time, which was so incredible adorable. And when she was having a bath I was telling her about tomorrow and how Pop is going to pick her up in the morning and she started saying “imorgon” (tomorrow in Swedish) on repeat. Soon she’ll be going to school!

I feel like I’ve just been rambling with no clear thoughts in my head – a good sign I should just go to bed!

Have a good week everyone!

x Nina x