Cashmere, Orchids & Sunshine

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The sun was shining yesterday so we left the house earlyish before Matthew’s driving lesson and headed to the good old Botanics. I’ve replaced our old buggy with a second hand Bugaboo Cameleon so that we could fit a Bumprider buggy board at the back of the pram for easier transportation of my babies.

Bumprider buggyboard

Every time I go out with the board people are commenting and asking questions about it. It’s a Swedish make and so much nicer looking than the popular Lascal Maxi board. It’s also supposed to fit every buggy out there. I will do a review later!

Keep scrolling for a few photos from our stroll!

Botanic Garden Glasshouses Edinburgh

I put on my cashmere sweater from Uniqlo Matthew got me for my birthday for the first time (I obviously told him which one to get…) There was spring in the air and I felt blush pink was the perfect colour to wear! So far I’m happy with the quality and fit – just hope it won’t go bobbly after washing as bobbly clothes is my pet hate. You can find my pink jumper and many other colours HERE – and it’s actually on sale!

yellow orchid pink orchid

I need to get an orchid for the house – they’re so pretty!

We went home and Matthew went driving. When I got tired of re-enacting scenes from Cinderella with Lana I got out my phone and entertained her with some Snapseed filters.

She keeps calling me by different names, such as Anna (from Frozen), Rapunzel, Ariel, Peter Pan (?!) etc…Maya usually goes by the name of Olaf – the little snowman in Frozen. I think it’s because she often wears white sleepsuits. Maya also doubles as a prince – haven’t figured out why that is yet though. Nana is usually the evil stepmother from Snow White and Pop is also a prince. Matthew often gets called Kristoff – Anna’s boyfriend in Frozen. Lana herself is naturally always the princess, such as Elsa, Cinderella, Snow White, Tinkerbell etc. I guess this is normal – or she’s a budding actress!

Why can’t my skin look like this all the time?!

That’s all – have a great week everyone!

x Nina x