4 Months After the Move to Finland

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Nuuksio National Park

Today marks the day we’ve lived here for 122 days. So perhaps time for a little update! It’s such a cliché, but time really has gone very quickly and it feels like we’ve been here forever. In some respects it feels like our 5 years in Edinburgh happened 5 years ago. It’s weird.

When the Adams Family Visited Porvoo

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So with Lana going to nursery I foolishly thought I’d have lots of extra time to blog – but I seem to have forgotten that 10-month-olds don’t really play on their own, but prefer to follow you around the house demanding to get picked up every two seconds…So here I am, trying to publish something about Matthew’s family’s visit two weeks later!

Two Nights on a Big Boat

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A couple of weeks ago we made an im promptu decision to go to Stockholm on a two-night cruise with my brother and his family. A mini-holiday across the pond. I’ve been on one of these cruises so many times I’ve lost count – but never with kids. Turns out they’re perfect for children and Lana and Max (and Maya) had a blast!

Forgot to Tell You!

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I just realised that I haven’t told you guys that we’re moving next week! On Monday or Tuesday our stuff will get picked up and driven all the way to Helsinki and on Thursday we’ll get on a flight to Finland. We were going to wait until the papers for selling our flat were signed, but since no one seems to know when exactly that will be happening we just went ahead and booked our flights!

Baby Shower, Vomiting & Donuts

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The weather today has been glorious, but I can’t say I’ve been able to enjoy it properly because of all the drama that happened…It was Matthew’s sister’s baby shower (in pink below) and me and the girls were invited to Morningside to her in-laws’ place for a lovely brunch in the sun. It was so warm no tights were needed and hairy legs could see the sun for the first time in a long while!

Sister Snapshot

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sister snapshot

Matthew’s sister sent me a link to this sister snapshot blog post and said it’s something she wants to do when her baby arrives – have I told you that she is pregnant btw?! Lana and Maya will be getting a wee Scottish cousin in June, which we’re all very excited about! Another little girl as well <3

Matthew’s First Vlog!

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We have quite a few photos of the girls, which is nice – but feel like there’s not enough videos of them. Although images are great and you can capture a lot of memories in them, videos show so many more nuances and emotions – and so much more life.

The Husband Tag – 31 Questions

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If you follow any bloggers or vloggers chances are you will have read or watched “the boyfriend/husband tag” posts. It’s basically a post where the husband gets asked questions about his wife and their relationship. I’ve been wanting to do this with Matthew for ages and figured that Valentine’s Day (yeah I know it was yesterday) is the perfect time for it, so here we go!