TBT: Beach Baby

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I was deleting photos from my laptop when I found these pics from last summer where Lana was around 7 months – and they made me smile and think of summer – so thought I’d share them here too as a reminder of that there will be sun and warmth one day again! This is a beach in North Berwick a short train ride from Edinburgh.

Preparing For Take-Off

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On Thursday Lana’s about to get on her 13th flight, to Finland via Stockholm once again. The last two weeks before our month-long visit to the land of Santa have been full of activities and unfortunately also full of snot, sneezes and teething pain 🙁 Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Saturday Play

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Lana has definitely reached the age where she clearly appreciates the company of other babies and toddlers and needs more entertainment and stimulus than before. This means that we need to start taking Lana more places where she can play and spend time with other children – and last Saturday we decided to try the soft play area at the Commonwealth Pool where we used to go to the gym.