My Dictator & Christmas Tree Lover

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I don’t know what it is with Lana, but she’s been a real handful lately and I can’t wait for Matthew to get here tonight to share the load – even though I have my parents here to help and I shouldn’t really need it! Today’s been pretty bad; she keeps following me around not wanting to do anything I suggest and saying “NO!” even more than usual…She’s very bossy too and I constantly get ordered to “COME HERE!”. I need a break!

Lana the Cat Bully

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Today started out pretty well having slept 6 hours in a row – just what I needed after a few crappy nights! We arrived on Saturday on a late flight at 22.35 (everything went surprisingly smoothly) and the time difference of 2 hours has resulted in a tired and cranky Lana who’s been going to bed around 11pm ever since. Maya has also been a bit gassy and restless but has been better today thank god. 

A Wee Finnish Day Trip

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strömforsin ruukki

We’ve been back in Edinburgh for a month since our almost-a-month-long stay in Finland with my parents, but there are still a few photos from the trip I want to share – the last post from there for sure! On our last full day we decided to do a little day trip with my parents, so we headed East to Strömfors Iron Mill.

Fun, Festivals & Shit Weather

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Just a quick blog before we start watching Game of Thrones! (So sad this is the last season…) The Edinburgh Festival started on Friday, and on Friday night we had tickets for our first show. It was a stand-up comedy show by half British-half Malaysian Phil Wang that was really funny and that I can highly recommend! Hoping I’ll get to see a few more shows still before the Fringe Festival ends…

Our Sunny Helsinki Weekend

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A Helsinki weekend was a must on our Finland holiday – and since my parents live only an hour away and have a flat there it’s a pretty easy thing to make happen! We had amazing weather too and got to enjoy Helsinki at its best. It’s such a lovely city (way better than Stockholm ;)) that you should visit if you can! 2017 marks Finland’s 100th independence anniversary, so there’s a lot going on as well. Can you tell I used to work for the Tourist Office in Helsinki haha?!

Animals, Ice Cream and Preggo Running

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We’re back in Edinburgh and my cold is finally almost gone, which means I have the energy to blog again! It feels a lot colder here and SO humid compared to Finland. It also gets dark earlier and today I swear I could feel autumn in the air… Anyway, I’m afraid this will be another post revolving around kids, animals and ice cream – these three things basically sums up our holiday in Finland haha. 

Lana & Max at Kungsbacka Farm

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Damn it, I’ve tried to ignore my cold all week, but as it seems to just get worse I’ve decided to only rest today. We were meant to go to Helsinki for a few days, but I’m hopeful that I’ll feel well enough to go tomorrow instead. Sucks being ill on your holiday!

Small Town Charm

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23 weeks pregnant

So far we’ve been hanging out a lot with Lana’s cousins here at my parents’ place, and having worked most of Monday I felt like I needed a bit of a change of scenery – so on Tuesday we got in the car and drove to a little town by the sea called Lovisa. Just like the old town in my home town Borgå it’s a place full of pretty wooden houses in various colours.

Finally here!

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Lana and I survived the flight (already dreading flying alone with two small kids!) and arrived in Helsinki safely at 23.25 on Wednesday evening. My mum and dad picked us up and 45 minutes later we were in Porvoo and Lana started exploring the house and the toys – so we didn’t go to bed until 2am, which I think we’re both still feeling the consequences of!