How To Make Your Own Vegan Poke Bowl

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In order to not get too bored in the kitchen I like trying new recipes – often on a weekly basis. Last week I decided to make poke bowls. And after Matthew tasted it and said it was the most delicious thing I’ve EVER cooked I thought this dish needs a post of its own! 

Our Sunday: Brunch with Kids, Kombucha & Friends

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finn and bear restaurant edinburgh

We have survived Snowmageddon and now enjoying lovely brown and yellow slush instead. The struggle has been real as the milk and bread shelves in supermarkets have been empty for days (plenty of veggies left though haha), we’ve had no mail for almost a week now and no buses for a few days last week, which meant Matthew worked from home for 3 days. 

Lana’s Birthday Lunch at Wagamama

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Anyone who’s got kids knows that you won’t feel comfortable going to just any restaurant for a meal anymore – it needs to be a place where you and your children are made to feel welcome, where there is a kids’ menu, where you can fit a buggy in and where there is some entertainment for the little ones. Baby changing facilities are important too!

What I Ate During My 2,5 Months on a Vegan Diet

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At the beginning of August I watched the controversial documentary called “What the Health” and as many other people went vegan straight away. I didn’t even decide to go vegan, I just woke up the following morning and realised I couldn’t stomach any animal-derived foods. I ate a completely vegan diet for the following 2,5 months – which also pretty much coincided with my third trimester of pregnancy.

10 Things I Don’t Want to Eat or Drink

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Recently I’ve seen several bloggers do blogs about what they don’t like to eat – and as I’m always curious about what other people eat and don’t eat I thought it would be fun to do the same. Especially since there are quite a few foods I can’t stand and it won’t be difficult to put together a list…(I wish I wouldn’t have any food aversions but unfortunately I do.) Here are 10 things I try to avoid as much as I can!

Healthy Strawberry Oat Bars

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oat strawberry bars

Recently my friend shared a healthy toddler (and why not adult?!) snack recipe that sounded so easy and delicious that I had to try it straight away – and I wasn’t disappointed. So I thought why not share the love here on the blog as well!

El Cartel – Best Mexican in Edinburgh?

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I can’t remember having done anything as a couple since New Year’s Eve, so it was about time Matthew and I did something together – without a super-energetic 2 year old who demands all our attention! To keep things simple we decided to just have lunch at El Cartel – a small Mexican place on Thistle Street many claim to be the best one in Edinburgh. The best one I’ve tried here at least!

Inside a Hello Fresh Food Box

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Ever since I first heard about food boxes I’ve been curious to try them, but it wasn’t until Matthew’s sister recently tried Hello Fresh and through that got an offer she could pass on to friends and family that we tried it too – basically just £1 for 3 meals so not bad at all. We opted for the vegetarian box and in case there are any other curious people out there I thought I’d share what this experience was like!