A VIP Lunch at Chaophraya Edinburgh

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I was delighted when I was asked if I want to sample the new menu at Chaophraya on Castle Street – partly because I’ve been there before and know how nice the food is and partly because who says no to thai food?! So yesterday Matthew and I took a break from the never-ending painting and enjoyed a luxurious three-course Thai lunch with cocktails – not something you do every weekend when you have kids!

Dinner at Meat District in Porvoo

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Porvoo Old Town

I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post about my recent visit to my home town’s newcomer on the restaurant scene, Meat District, (hence the lovely and dark mobile photos) but then changed my mind after having seen my main dish…You can see the restaurant on the left hand side in the photo above – a very nice location in the middle of picturesque Porvoo Old Town. The restaurant takes pride in serving ecological and locally sourced meat where possible but welcomes vegetarians too.

It’s the Small Things

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This morning I took Lana to a local playgroup with only wooden toys that she likes going to. Today was not her lucky day though as she got scratched in the face by a little girl and then by a little boy and we ended up leaving the playgroup with a Lana who looked like she’d been in a fight. Kids can be so brutal! Luckily she didn’t seem too phased about the whole thing (I on the other hand felt like slapping the two kids)!

7-Ingredient Raspberry Raw Cheesecake Recipe

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I’ve made this cake three times and have changed the recipe each time – and as I’m now happy with it it’s time to share the love! This is the easiest of cakes to make and as healthy as a cake gets too. The raspberries and lemon make it a bit zingy, so it’s not a very rich cake at all.

The Best Vegan Banana Pancake Recipe

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I’ve tried several egg-free and also dairy-free pancake recipes but never quite been happy with the outcome, so when I tried this recipe and it actually turned out really nice I was over the moon. Now I have an easy, healthy go-to recipe that doesn’t even have egg in it – which means Lana can eat it too.

My Green Smoothie Recipe

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I’ve finally figured out how to make my green smoothie taste nice – without being too sweet either. Even Lana likes it! I try to make this recipe or variations of it several times per week and I like that you don’t need 20 different ingredients for it to taste good and be healthy! The intense green colour is just the spirulina doing its job. 

Raw Vegan Chocolate Truffles

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I’m always looking for healthy treats/snacks that are quick and easy to make and give me a sweet fix without all that extra junk – and don’t contain a long list of random ingredients! When I came across this recipe I immediately thought it could be a winner, and it’s definitely something I’ll make again and again – especially since you can vary the recipe so easily.