Easy & Delicious Raw Cake

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During my Finnish summer adventure I got to try a delicious blueberry-coconut raw cake made by a good friend, and after having another raw cake the other week I finally decided to give it a go myself. It’s also the perfect choice for me as I don’t eat egg at the moment – plus it’s nice to be able to indulge after dinner without the guilt 🙂

Mmm, Strawberries!

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On my to do-list for this summer in Finland is to eat and pick as many berries as possible – including the queen of berries: strawberries. So to stick to my list we went to a farm near Porvoo (Uljaan tila) where you can pick your own strawberries and then pay by weight. 

Picking Berries

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I love all sorts of berries, and would happily eat them every day if they weren’t so expensive. So now when I can pick delicious and nutritious berries for free here in Finland I definitely want to make the most of it!

A Summer In Barcelona

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I started reading a book in Spanish the other day, and for some reason it got me reminiscing about the summer I spent in Barcelona with my friend – working in an Indian restaurant…So why not do a wee blog post about it?!

My First Afternoon Tea

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Hello from a grey and cold Edinburgh! Still no summer in sight, so really hoping Finland will deliver instead in a couple of weeks when we go over…Anyway, I’ve had a very indulgent weekend with Afternoon Tea, fish and chips and sweets – and now I feel rubbish!

Stuffed Courgette Rolls

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I always find it difficult to find good recipes for starters, so when I was making stuffed courgette rolls the other night I decided to share the recipe here in case anyone else has the same problem!

Happy Runeberg's Day!

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Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877) is Finland’s national poet, and we celebrate him today on the 5th of February. He was actually a Swedish speaking Finn like me, who wrote in Swedish and lived in my home town Porvoo. He taught Latin literature at the same high school I went to, Borgå Gymnasium. I’ve always liked the day – mainly because you get to have one of these delicious Runeberg’s tarts created by his wife, Fredrika Runeberg…:)

First Visit to Nordic Affär

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Today it’s been snowing for several hours, but the snow hasn’t settled since it’s too warm and wet. At least I’ve had the pleasure of admiring the big snowflakes falling from the sky through the office window and luckily my blog has its own snowfall 🙂

The Nordic Shop I’ve mentioned before finally opened its doors on December 4th, so just had to pay a visit as soon as I could. It’s just a small shop at the top of Leith Walk, but to me it is yet more proof of how the Scandinavia boom and Scandinavians are slowly taking over the UK 😉