Stuffed Courgette Rolls

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I always find it difficult to find good recipes for starters, so when I was making stuffed courgette rolls the other night I decided to share the recipe here in case anyone else has the same problem!

Happy Runeberg's Day!

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Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877) is Finland’s national poet, and we celebrate him today on the 5th of February. He was actually a Swedish speaking Finn like me, who wrote in Swedish and lived in my home town Porvoo. He taught Latin literature at the same high school I went to, Borgå Gymnasium. I’ve always liked the day – mainly because you get to have one of these delicious Runeberg’s tarts created by his wife, Fredrika Runeberg…:)

First Visit to Nordic Affär

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Today it’s been snowing for several hours, but the snow hasn’t settled since it’s too warm and wet. At least I’ve had the pleasure of admiring the big snowflakes falling from the sky through the office window and luckily my blog has its own snowfall 🙂

The Nordic Shop I’ve mentioned before finally opened its doors on December 4th, so just had to pay a visit as soon as I could. It’s just a small shop at the top of Leith Walk, but to me it is yet more proof of how the Scandinavia boom and Scandinavians are slowly taking over the UK 😉

My Long Birthday Weekend

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Hi all!

My birthday week is now over, and must say it’s been a good one although I wasn’t too keen to celebrate it. As I still had a couple of holidays left at work I decided to take Friday off and finally book an appointment to the hairdressers. After a two-hour session I was very blond again and felt like a new person.

Finnish Foods I Miss

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Every now and then I get really frustrated when I can’t buy certain Finnish food items in the supermarkets here. Even more so now when I’m pregnant for some reason. I also think the fact that my last visit to Finland (before our holiday last August) was as long as 8 months ago made me crave these foods even more than usual. So I made sure I stuffed my face during my visit, resulting in me missing them even more having just come back…:/ Hope it’ll pass soon!

Homemade Grapefruit Face Mask

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I’ve always thought it would be nice to try a homemade face mask but never really gotten around to it until I saw this really simple recipe in a magazine the other week. I think it was the anti-ageing effect of the grapefruit in the recipe that caught my attention…:)

Chocolate Orange Shots

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As everyone who knows me know, I have a serious sweet tooth (although not as bad as when I was younger). This means that I always have a very big craving for something sweet after my meals, especially dinner. It doesn’t have to be anything big, something like a piece of dark chocolate or peanut butter toast will suffice – I just need something. Sometimes we (Matthew) might go across the street to buy a chocolate bar, which is obviously not what you want to (or should) have every night…So we decided to try making our own mini desserts, and came across this recipe by michelin chef Nick Nairn.

Anniversary Dinner @ The Atelier

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Last weekend we celebrated our 2-year anniversary with an excellent meal at The Atelier Restaurant. Matthew came across this little restaurant on Tripadvisor, where it is ranked the second best place to eat in Edinburgh. There were a whole lot of 5 star reviews, but we found it a little bit hard to believe that a place within that price range could be as good as all the reviews claimed. However, our expectations were exceeded, and all the great reviews were absolutely spot on!

How To Grow Alfalfa Sprouts

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It’s sprouting time!

Some of you might remember my first (and only) sprouting experience last summer, that actually went quite well. I really enjoyed watching the sprouts grow (not literally), so I thought I’d give it another go – this time with tiny alfalfa seeds. Two attempts later I think I’ve got it. If you want to grow your own little chlorophyll wonders, here’s a short guide to how to do it.