Coffee, Food & Nordic Design

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During Lana’s and mine Finland visit we spent a day in Helsinki with a good friend, eating well and checking out the Design Museum. Having lived in Helsinki for most of my twenties the city will always have a special place in my heart and I’m hoping I’ll get to live there again one day – or at least so close that I can visit often!

I’m Doing Something Right

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I love plants and think they look nice and freshen up any room, but I’ve never really taken the time to learn how to look after them. Still our plants seem to thrive for some reason – although most of them are in their original small pots and don’t receive any TLC apart from water once a week or less. Maybe it’s our bright flat that is the secret behind it all?

New Living Room

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The other day when Matthew was working from home he suddenly decided it was time for a change. Of the living room. I protested but let him move around the furniture as a test – and now I’m not sure what I like better!

Preparing Home for Christmas & Baby

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I was working from home yesterday, so thought I’d take a few photos of our Christmas tree (yes, we already have one) and a few pieces we’ve bought with the baby in mind whilst it’s still light – when I get home from work at 5.30-6pm it’s hopelessly dark for any photos. I must say, however, that I like the dark evenings. They are perfect for burning candles, watching Masterfchef and being highly pregnant!  

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

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I’m starting to get into the Christmas mood and have been asking Matthew when we can get a Christmas tree for weeks now – so we went and got a fake tree yesterday, yay. Haven’t dressed it yet though. This morning we got up early to go to Ikea (you can imagine how happy Matthew was about it) to get a new, big chest of drawers that can double as a changing table and a comfy arm chair for all those baby feeding sessions. And glögg of course, 3 bottles of it! Can’t wait to have some later tonight with almonds and raisins  as it’s traditionally served 🙂 Also got some hyacinths for that distinctive Christmassy smell – not sure if I need to plant them though as they were just bulbs…Anyone?

Marimekko Cushion Covers & Nordic Design

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I really want to make sure there are some Finnish vibes in our home, which is the reason I came back with two bags instead of one when I was last visiting…I went through the cupboards in my old flat where my brother and his fiancee are now living, and found some long lost Finnish design friends that I just had to take back with me. Keep reading to see what the new additions in our home are!

Settling In To Our New Home

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Hi all!

The past few weeks have been all about settling into our new flat (sneak peek above), which could’ve been easier hadn’t Matthew injured his foot halfway through…Luckily his mum and dad have been a huge help! This move has been different as the flat was unfurnished, so we’ve basically had to get pretty much everything you need in a flat, from a vacuum cleaner and a freezer to a bed and a sofa.