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Snaps from Our Recent Photo Shoot

Ally Bally Bee Project

Just wanted to share a taster of the photos that were the result of our recent Ally Bally Bee Project photo shoot! The photos will be used on the website (see how they’ve brought the website to life here!), on social media and as marketing material. I like them all – apart from the ones I’m in obviously…I was worried our flat wasn’t going to be big enough for the shoot, but it worked out just fine. So without further introductions, here are a few snaps taken by Anna Moffat:

30 Weeks Pregnant on Arthur’s Seat

On Saturday I reached 30 weeks in my second pregnancy and it all feels a bit surreal to think that there will be four of us in just 10 weeks…Eeek! I haven’t even started thinking about what we need to prepare for the baby…Anyway, on Sunday we decided to do something outdoorsy as there was no rain in the forecast (for a change) – so we got on the bus, got some amazing cakes and other foods and headed to Holyrood Park for a picnic.

When the Girls Came to Visit

It’s been 2,5 months already since 7 of my Finnish girlfriends came to Edinburgh for our annual girl’s trip, so I guess it’s time to finally blog about it! At the time I was around 17 weeks pregnant and still not feeling a 100%, so I was a little lazy taking photos – but I’ve borrowed some from my friends, in particular from my friend Kati (hers are all the good ones haha!) to fill out the empty spaces. So let’s get started!

Dinner for Eight

Last Saturday we had a few friends over for dinner. This group has been very difficult to get around the same table as no one ever seems to be in the same city or country – but we finally did it and we had a blast! I didn’t think it was going to be THAT much work cooking for 8 people, but somehow we didn’t manage to get our starter on the table until closer to 10pm! I have a lot more respect for the people that go on Come dine with me and fail now haha.

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