An Ordinary Week

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Maya has been pretty needy lately and basically hasn’t wanted to do anything on her own or let me do anything on my own either – so that’s why there hasn’t been much activity on my blog this week! Like her big sister, she’s not a great napper during the day either, which doesn’t give me much time to get stuff done. She often only naps for 30 minutes – unless I take her out in the pram when she might sleep for up to two hours.

A Week of Two Emergency Calls

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It’s been one of those weeks where I feel like I haven’t had any time to unwind and just sit down with my laptop and spend some time on my blog – there’s always something to do, someone to feed or laundry to be washed. I’m pretty sure 99% of mums out there are with me on this one! Maybe next week will be more relaxed…

5 Fun & Visual Family Instagram Accounts

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I am a very visual person with a love for aesthetics. I want my home to look presentable, I want my plate of food to look colourful and inviting, I love a bit of sleek design and I am drawn to cute-looking shops – I just adore pretty things in life. Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform because it can be a treasure chest where you can find the most gorgeous photos if you start digging.

5 Things that Make Me Happy this Week

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Can’t believe I’m here, blogging again! 3 posts in 4 days must be some kind f a record of mine. But hey, when I feel inspired to blog I just want to go with it – cause there will be plenty of times I won’t feel like sharing anything. Thankfully I don’t answer to anybody and can choose to blog whenever and whatever I want!

Burns Night, Feeding Chickens & A New Buggy

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We’ve had a good weekend albeit not very happening – but sometimes those weekends are the best ones. I feel like we’ve all been quite relaxed and like we’ve recharged batteries for the coming week. We’ve also made some big purchases, such as a new buggy, yay. Scroll down to see what we got up to!

Home for Christmas

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On last week’s Monday I posted the passport applications for Maya and Lana (apparently she needs a new one as you can’t tell it’s her from the old photo…) and couldn’t believe my eyes when they arrived on that same Friday! That meant I could book our flights to Finland for me and the girls before the prices became too insane. Yay!

A Creative First Wedding Anniversary

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Last Saturday was our first wedding anniversary – we made it woohoo! I feel a year has gone SO quickly whereas Matthew said he thinks it’s gone slowly, which I’m not sure how to interpret…Hmm. Anyway, since I was 38 weeks pregnant it was Matthew’s job to organise a little surprise for me…Next year I’ll surprise him with something instead!

Snaps from Our Recent Photo Shoot

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Ally Bally Bee Project

Just wanted to share a taster of the photos that were the result of our recent Ally Bally Bee Project photo shoot! The photos will be used on the website (see how they’ve brought the website to life here!), on social media and as marketing material. I like them all – apart from the ones I’m in obviously…I was worried our flat wasn’t going to be big enough for the shoot, but it worked out just fine. So without further introductions, here are a few snaps taken by Anna Moffat:

30 Weeks Pregnant on Arthur’s Seat

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On Saturday I reached 30 weeks in my second pregnancy and it all feels a bit surreal to think that there will be four of us in just 10 weeks…Eeek! I haven’t even started thinking about what we need to prepare for the baby…Anyway, on Sunday we decided to do something outdoorsy as there was no rain in the forecast (for a change) – so we got on the bus, got some amazing cakes and other foods and headed to Holyrood Park for a picnic.