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Raising A Princess

It hit me today that I’m raising a little woman – or judging by these photos I snapped secretly today (yup, she was so into her performance that she didn’t even notice me) we might have a little princess on our hands. I mean seriously, Lana just turned two and she’s already into Frozen and trying to sing along to ‘Let it go’! (I’m blaming aunty JoJo who bought her an Elsa dress for her birthday haha.) But I have to say it is really damn cute when a 2 year old is copying Elsa in the Let it Go music video – my heart almost melted. So here you go, a silent performance by princess Lana!

2 Years of Being a Mum

My wee crazy-haired frog/ballerina turns two today. Two years have gone by so quickly that I’m worried I’ll wake up one day to Lana being 20 and feeling like she was two only yesterday. Lana is such an explorer that I’m also worried she’ll do what I did and end up living somewhere far away from me when she’s older…I want her to grow up but at the same time I want her to be my little baby girl and stay with me. Always! 

My Frog is 18 Months Old!

Today my little frog is 1,5 year old! Somehow going from a year to a year and a half has gone a lot slower than what Lana’s first year went. Maybe because there hasn’t been huge sudden steps in terms of development, such as crawling, walking, weaning and the first words were. But I don’t mind it going slowly as I don’t really want my little girl to grow up too fast! (Although I impatiently wish she’d start talking more already!)

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