4 Months Old

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It has hit both Matthew and I how much Lana has grown all of a sudden – for a long time I thought she looked pretty much the same, but now she’s starting to look more and more like a little girl. The past few weeks have been very exciting as Lana has started rolling over, grabbing and mouthing things, sitting up with support and showing even more interest in her surroundings and intensely observing the people around her.

Lana's New Toy

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As Lana has been a very alert baby who needs a lot of stimulation right from the beginning we have resorted to different toys to keep her occupied at least some of the time. When she turned 3 months a few days ago she was finally old enough to try her doorway jumper – and as you can see it was a winner 🙂

3 Months of Being a Mum

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First of all; Happy Finnish Mother’s Day to my dear mother and all the wonderful Finnish mothers I know!

Thought it would be nice to put down some thoughts about what motherhood has been like up until now – Lana was 3 months old yesterday. It seems like a good time as I’m now finally starting to feel that things have settled down and I feel a bit more in control…I also feel like I’m back to normal both physically and mentally. Plus it’s Mother’s Day of course 🙂

A Little Get-Together For Lana

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During our visit to Finland my parents kindly organised a little get-together for the closest family to celebrate the arrival of wee Lana. It was also Lana’s first chance to get all dressed up in a little dress – and actually look a bit more like a little girl 🙂

4 Little Cousins

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Believe it or not, but we managed to get 4 under 4-year olds to sit still on the sofa for at least 5 minutes so that we could snap a bunch of photos of their first get-together 🙂 Getting them all to look into the camera and to stay awake is a whole other thing though!

Baby Sling – A Lifesaver

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As I’ve mentioned before, Lana (like most babies I suppose) like being held all the time, making it very difficult to get anything done – like eating. I decided to give this jersey baby carrier a go to see if Lana would like it more than her bouncer or pram…And she did!

Lana's First Bath

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First of all, Lana’s first bath wasn’t now at nearly 6 weeks of age, but when she was around 10 days old. Don’t want you to think there’s some child neglect going on here haha! 

Happy Mother's Day!

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mothers day 2015

In Finland we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day until the second Sunday in May, but as I’m now living in the UK I suppose it means I get to celebrate it twice, right? 🙂 So today is the first (out of two) Mother’s Day for me – it feels surreal and amazing at the same time…