Pregnancy Photos from Week 25

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As my belly seems to be going through a real growth spurt I thought it would be time for some more photos to show you how big I am at 25 weeks right before entering the third trimester. I decided to wear the same dress as in my last pregnancy photo post from 21 weeks to best show off the change. My waist is pretty much non-existent as the belly has spread to the sides like a true girl-belly is supposed to – at least I think it has! I’ve put on weight mostly around my middle, on the other hand it’s hard to tell as the rest of me might just look smaller when you compare to the belly 🙂 Some of these photos really make me cringe (I’m definitely not a natural in front of the camera), so try not to look at my face and concentrate on the belly instead!

My Doomoo is Here!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today it finally arrived, my new doomoo pregnancy pillow! It’s superlight, completely mouldable with a removable cover, and you can use it for getting comfy when sleeping, breastfeeding and to put the baby on. There are loads of different pillows out there, but this one was recommended by a few friends, so decided not to risk it.

Pregnancy Photos from Week 21

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At 21 weeks I was finally starting to look pregnant enough to be able to wear more fitted clothes without just looking chubby, which I have been waiting for. In fact, a woman actually got up for me on the crowded morning bus last week! I really thought people wouldn’t notice, so I was so shocked that I don’t even know if I thanked her. Definitely starting to feel clumsier and less mobile, more and more each day – soon Matthew will have to start cutting my toe nails…Thought I’d post a few photos of my new curves, especially so my family and friends back home can see the progress 🙂

3 Years Later…

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Today it’s been exactly 3 years since I packed my bags and moved to London. 3 years in the UK! And how things have changed: I left Finland single and free, only to find myself pram-shopping in John Lewis in Edinburgh 3 years later…But what can I say? I’m grateful to myself for making that crazy decision to quit my Spanish studies at Uni and buy a one way ticket to London without having a job or a flat in sight. Had I not done that I wouldn’t be where I am today. Sometimes it pays off to take the windy road instead of the straight one 🙂

The First Trimester

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Hi all,

Thought I’d write a post about my first trimester, for those of you who are interested in pregnancy stuff and for my own future reference as it will be nice to have something in writing about the pregnancy later on. As I’m writing this half-way through the second trimester (at 20 weeks) we already know the sex of the baby…It’s a little girl!! There’s no way I could keep it to myself, but we’ll try to at least not reveal the name we decide on before the birth! We’re both so excited, and don’t think it’s even sunk in properly yet. Both of our families are more boy-heavy, so a little girl is definitely a welcome addition. 🙂

Pregnancy bellies
This is from the beginning of the 2nd trimester, at 15 weeks or so. A bit of a difference in the belly sizes! The little girl in the big belly arrived a week ago. 🙂