Time to Say Goodbye (again)

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As always, time went extremely fast and our Finland holiday has come to an end. There’s always a lot of mixed feelings involved as I obviously miss Matthew and having our little family intact but feel so at home here in Finland with my family here that I wouldn’t mind staying for longer. Both Lana and I are very comfortable here and she’s enjoying spending time with her mommo and mofa – although she insists on calling them both mommo (granny) 🙂

Before Snow

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I took my camera with me on our walk the other day, thinking I’d probably not use it anyway as nature is pretty bleak and dead at the moment – but I ended up taking quite a few photos! This is definitely not my favourite time of year, but I guess there is beauty in all this greyness too. Rugged beauty. I still hope there will be snow very soon – and I think that’s what mother nature is waiting for too.

Autumn Colours

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I already decided that I wouldn’t contribute to the vast amount of autumnal photos out there, and have tried not to take too many pictures of yellow leaves – but then we went to the Botanics yesterday and it was such a beautiful day that I just had to take a few photos…Autumn is so my favourite season!

Bosgård Organic Farm

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The lovely Bosgård Farm is run by two of my friends and located around 10 kilometres from Porvoo. I’ve visited for a pool party a couple of times, but haven’t had lunch at the restaurant or walked around the grounds before. So, a sunny Wednesday a few weeks ago was the perfect day to finally pay the farm a visit!

My Old Hood

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Don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like the older I get the more I can appreciate the small things and see beauty in places I didn’t before. Like the reflection of a grey sky in still water and the contrast of red buoys 🙂

Mmm, Strawberries!

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On my to do-list for this summer in Finland is to eat and pick as many berries as possible – including the queen of berries: strawberries. So to stick to my list we went to a farm near Porvoo (Uljaan tila) where you can pick your own strawberries and then pay by weight. 

Finnish Summer Nature

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Finnish nature is at its best at the moment: green and full of colour. I got so inspired by the abundance of flowers on our evening walk the other day that I was too focused on snapping photos to notice the lovely little fella we bumped into. Scroll down to the end to find out who he was!

Picking Berries

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I love all sorts of berries, and would happily eat them every day if they weren’t so expensive. So now when I can pick delicious and nutritious berries for free here in Finland I definitely want to make the most of it!

Glamping in the Trossachs

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This will be a bit of a Throwback Thursday post from our short break to the Trossachs National Park last summer. Our friends drove up from London the last weekend in July, and as we thought it would be nice for them to see something else than ‘just’ Edinburgh, we decided to stay in a caravan at the hotel we stayed in for my 30th birthday. So after a night with dinner in the sun followed by some stand-up comedy in Edinburgh we got up earlyish the following day and started driving north.