A Wee Life Update

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Howdy ho! Sunday is usually a day I feel like blogging, so here I am! Just felt like rambling on about what’s happening in our lives – a wee life update in other words.

One Hot Challenge

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kopparnäs coast trail run

I haven’t blogged for a while, probably because I’ve been too busy enjoying this incredible summer we’re having here in Finland – and that’s how it should be if you ask me! We’re out and about every day as it is impossible (and too hot) to be inside, so I feel like we are really making the most out of this summer. 

Life Lately

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Life lately has consisted of cleaning the house over and over again and doing closer to 30 viewings in a week – with more booked in. I feel like a broken record just repeating the same things over and over again to all the people coming to view the house. But we’re very pleased that it’s been so popular and it’s been nice to speak to so many lovely young people who are looking to get on the property ladder. In fact, one of the first viewers was a Finnish woman!

Day Out in The Hermitage Forest & Dunkeld Village

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Hallelujah, we finally have our Internet back after one week of suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms. We made it out stronger on the other side though and normal life can resume again. This also means I can post some photos from our much needed forest walk to the Hermitage in Dunkeld. 

The Magical Little Sparta

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32 weeks pregnant

I’ve been wanting to visit Little Sparta ever since I first heard about this “secret” garden, but since you can’t reach it with public transport and we don’t drive (yet) it took me until now! Yesterday Matthew’s dad who’s also wanted to visit for a long time came with us, so we all got into his car and drove Southwest through beautiful hilly sceneries for about an hour.

A Weekend in the Lake District

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After work on the Friday after Lana’s birthday 9 of us got into two cars and started driving towards England and the Lake District. It was a bit of an spontaneous trip as we only started planning it two weeks before, but so glad we all got our sh*t together an made it happen because it was so much fun!

Time to Say Goodbye (again)

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As always, time went extremely fast and our Finland holiday has come to an end. There’s always a lot of mixed feelings involved as I obviously miss Matthew and having our little family intact but feel so at home here in Finland with my family here that I wouldn’t mind staying for longer. Both Lana and I are very comfortable here and she’s enjoying spending time with her mommo and mofa – although she insists on calling them both mommo (granny) 🙂

Before Snow

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I took my camera with me on our walk the other day, thinking I’d probably not use it anyway as nature is pretty bleak and dead at the moment – but I ended up taking quite a few photos! This is definitely not my favourite time of year, but I guess there is beauty in all this greyness too. Rugged beauty. I still hope there will be snow very soon – and I think that’s what mother nature is waiting for too.