Visiting The Kelpies & Culross Village

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We’ve had a great weekend; there’s been sunshine and blue skies and we’ve been driving around in a car on our OWN now that Matthew can drive. This newly found freedom of being able to just get in a car and go wherever we like without having to pack as light as possible and figure out which buses or trains to take is amazing.

The Magical Little Sparta

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32 weeks pregnant

I’ve been wanting to visit Little Sparta ever since I first heard about this “secret” garden, but since you can’t reach it with public transport and we don’t drive (yet) it took me until now! Yesterday Matthew’s dad who’s also wanted to visit for a long time came with us, so we all got into his car and drove Southwest through beautiful hilly sceneries for about an hour.

In the Scottish News

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The Ally Bally Bee Project

It’s not everyday you open a national newspaper and see your own face in it – but we were really chuffed to have The Ally Bally Bee Project feature in yesterday’s Sunday Post! My late grandmother who had Alzheimer’s is also featured, holding me and my twin brother when we were little (not my big brother as the image caption says). I also realised afterwards that I was actually wearing my grandmother’s pastel-coloured shirt that I’ve worn for years and will wear for many more to come. 

A Wednesday on the Beach

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I always go on about all the things that are better in Finland, but one thing that is definitely better here in the UK is that spring comes so much earlier and you can spend a day on the beach in February. And Scottish beaches are also very pretty!

Exploring the Glasgow Mural Trail

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On my last trip to Glasgow I was so impressed by the murals I saw that I wanted to go back and do the City Centre Mural Trail – a path that visits 19 murals. So, even though the weather forecast didn’t fill us with hope, myself and two friends decided to get on the train to Glasgow last Sunday.

Edinburgh to Glasgow with the Great City Swap

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A couple of days ago I took part in the Great City Swap – a new campaign led by Scottish train company Scotrail that encourages residents of Edinburgh and Glasgow to swap their hometowns for the day. According to research only around 30% of residents in Edinburgh and Glasgow travel to the other city for leisure – which doesn’t sound like a lot to me considering that it’s only a 50-minute train journey that separates the cities! Although I am a bit ashamed to admit that I’ve lived in Edinburgh for 3,5 years and only visited Glasgow properly once…You can read about it here.

One Day of Summer

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It’s finally happened; summer is here! Well for only one day for now as it’ll be raining all day tomorrow according to the weather forecast…But I’m grateful that we’ve had a much needed sunny and warm day on the beach – I actually think this has been the warmest day I’ve experienced during my 3+ years in the Burgh! (+25 degrees haha)

Sunday Stroll at Lauriston Castle and Cramond

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We usually take it pretty easy on weekend mornings, but last Sunday we were out the door at 9.30am! We were picked up by our friends and drove to Lauriston Castle, a 16-century tower house just a 15-minute ride away. The weather wasn’t great, but at least it didn’t rain (I’m starting to be really, really sick of this non-summery weather here – the other week I had to get out Lana’s winter coat because it was so chilly)!

A Day at the Royal Highland Show

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The Royal Highland Show is a celebration of the best in food, farming and rural life and one of Scotland’s biggest events. I’ve been wanting to visit for years and decided that now is the time, so Matthew took a day off work and we got on the dedicated bus service and headed to Ingliston near the airport where the showground is.