Tourists In Edinburgh

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Pretty much ever since I moved to Edinburgh I’ve been wanting to go on a guided tour in the Old Town, but just never quite made it. We did go on one of those ghost tours in the underground vaults when I was still living in London and only visiting, but we had to interrupt the tour as I thought I was going to faint due to lack of oxygen (and perhaps my hangover had something to do with it too…)

10 Differences Between Finland And The UK

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Since I travel between Finland and the UK several times a year I cannot help but make small observations about differences in Finnish and Scottish everyday life that I find curious, interesting or just plain annoying – and now I thought I’d share them with you as well my dear friends. Remember that these are just my personal, not-so-objective observations and generalisations based on 1,5 years in London and 2,5 years in Edinburgh! So without further introductions, here they are:

Glamping in the Trossachs

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This will be a bit of a Throwback Thursday post from our short break to the Trossachs National Park last summer. Our friends drove up from London the last weekend in July, and as we thought it would be nice for them to see something else than ‘just’ Edinburgh, we decided to stay in a caravan at the hotel we stayed in for my 30th birthday. So after a night with dinner in the sun followed by some stand-up comedy in Edinburgh we got up earlyish the following day and started driving north. 

Saturday Day Trip to Gullane

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Last Saturday was really warm, so we decided to go somewhere for the day and spotted the little coastal town of Gullane on Guardian’s top ten list of day trips from Edinburgh. It’s supposed to be less than an hour away from Edinburgh, but the journey there took us around 1,5 hours – the bus ride back was a lot quicker though.

A Day in Glasgow

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Hi all!

It’s been a beautiful, sunny day here in Edinburgh today, there is definitely spring in the air! I’ve been working from home today, for a very silly reason.

Glasgow Science Centre Rocks!

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When I was googling what there is to see and do in Glasgow the Science Centre kept popping up, so we decided to give it a go. Admission was £10, but worth the money in our opinion. However, be prepared for hoards of families with children – this was a Saturday so probably less busy during weekdays.

A (nother) Year To Remember

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Winter Sunset in Edinburgh
Sunset in Edinburgh. I love the chimneys against the sky – you’ll find them on most houses here.

Awrite! (Scottish for ‘hi’)

As the Christmas holiday is becoming just a distant memory and everyday life taking over again it’s starting to sink in that we’ve entered year 2014. When thinking back about last year, I realise that, once again, it’s been a year of changes. I like change, which might be a reason I, since I turned 18, haven’t stayed in the same place, school or job for a long period of time. 2013 was no different.