Bye Bye Sun!

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We’ve left the sun, sea and sand in Mallorca behind us and are now back in grey but fortunately not too cold Auld Reekie. Even though both Lana and Matthew caught a cold it was a good holiday and I managed to clock off from work and relax – and since we didn’t pay for internet in our room we had very limited access to social media as well which was actually really nice! 

A Weekend in Stockholm with the Girls

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The long awaited girly weekend getaway to Stockholm came and went way too quickly, just like fun things always tend to do. Can’t say I was physically rested after only sleeping a few hours per night, but the trip definitely gave me a mental boost – it’s just so relaxing to spend time with people from your own little town that speak the same dialect and that you’ve known for so long! 

Hasta la Vista!

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I’ve packed my suitcase and I’m ready to go on my first real holiday since Lana was born. It’ll be the first time I’m away from Lana at night and my poor

When You Forget You Have A Daughter

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If you read my last post you might remember how I was bragging about getting quite good at travelling with a baby/toddler. Well I think I have to eat my words now as we almost didn’t make the flight. Not because we were late, but because I had forgotten to book a flight for Lana! 

Snow & Beach

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Tomorrow Lana and I are flying to Finland for the 5th time within a year, this time to attend my grandmother’s funeral unfortunately. It’s safe to say that flying with a baby/toddler has almost become a routine and I’m getting pretty good at it! Packing gets easier each time as does the whole logistics of the journey. What I’m dreading though is the flight itself and how I’ll be able to entertain a toddler who just wants to walk around…

Japanese Crush

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Happy Sunday from Edinburgh! Hope you’re having a relaxing day. I’m spending my Sunday daydreaming about my dream travel destination that has topped my bucket list for years…