Celebrating a 1 Year Old & a 98 Year Old

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Today my little nephew turns one full year – how time flies! We’re also celebrating the 98th Finnish Independence Day. Big day that is!


Lana got to wear her new dress for her cousin’s birthday party – yes it is pink! But a faded old school pink that even I approve of 😛


The birthday boy was hosting two parties today, and as the attentive host he was he had to make sure there were clean plates 😀


He had ordered a crocodile cake from his mummy – and a very good one it was!


The dress was so long that it slowed Lana down a little bit – not much though!


Reading a book together. Lana’s first word (apart from ‘mamma’) is ‘kissa’ (cat in Finnish) and her cousin’s first word is ‘hauva’ (doggy in Finnish) – it’s so cute how they both keep repeating their preferred animal’s name no matter what they’re talking about 🙂


Every year there is a big ball in the presidential palace to celebrate Finland’s Independence. About 1800 of Finland’s most influential people get an invite, and it’s a tradition in most homes to watch it live on TV and criticise the dresses. The first ones to enter are the war veterans, and everyone get to shake the president’s and his wife’s hands and wish them a happy independence day.


The president and his much younger looking wife.


Three Finnish presidents in the same photo: Martti Ahtisaari, Tarja Halonen and Sauli Niinistö.

I’ve spotted a couple of familiar faces so far, have to keep watching to see if there are any more – whilst drinking Finnish mulled wine (glögi) mixed with bubbles. Very nice actually!

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