Chaos, Me-Time & New Shoes

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The moments of calm are few and far in between in our house these days, but I’m sure I will miss the chaos that comes with two little kids when it’s not there anymore. Just earlier tonight Maya was hanging on her highchair, which tipped over on top of her and somehow gave her a proper nosebleed. Lana was right next to her and also started crying and asking over and over again if Maya is ok. It is so nice and reassuring that she gets so worried when her little sister hurts herself – she really seems to care about her 🙂

Yesterday we took Maya swimming for the first time. It was amazing to watch her take it all in, quite overwhelmed at first but then enjoying it – holding on to mamma and pappa tightly though. Lana loves swimming and by the time she was Maya’s age she had been swimming many times. With Maya we suddenly just realised she’s never been swimming in a pool and she’s almost 18 months, so we had to do something about it! Second child syndrome I guess…

On Saturday I got to enjoy a whole 6 hours of me-time – and once again I realised that I need to take more “time off” and do things just for me, without it getting to a point where I’m just so tired, snappy and teary that I’m neither a good wife nor mum! I had a very long lunch date with an old friend, which made me realise I need to see and talk to my friends more often too. It’s so easy to get stuck in your family bubble and just do things as a family. Or at least it is for us – probably because we enjoy hanging out just the four of us and it’s an easier choice than making plans and organising something else. Do you understand what I mean? But I’m sure the warmer weather and lighter days will automatically mean that I will see more friends and that way also get more time away from the kids. Win-win haha! Then there’s obviously also the dilemma of creating time and the opportunity to do something as a couple – which should not be forgotten either…

Even if I sometimes, usually in the midst of crying and chaos, daydream about when the girls are older and Matthew and I can just do the things we used to do more spontaneously, as a couple, I almost immediately feel a bit sad too. I feel sad because I don’t want an all quiet house with no mayhem. I want to listen to Lana and Maya run around and be crazy and I want them to be little for as long as possible. Maybe the reason behind these thoughts also have something to do with the fact that Matthew doesn’t want more kids and that I’m already grieving it. But I haven’t given up hope even if he reminds me of his decision every single damn day!

What else can I tell you? Oh yes, my sugar detox is going great and I’m so proud of myself! I haven’t touched the bag of pick & mix sweets I have in the cupboard, only a couple of metres away from where I’m sitting now…I did have a small piece of pistachio cake that my friend made for her boys’ birthday party – but even though it looked (and was!) delicious I did it because I didn’t want to be rude, not because I couldn’t help myself. So I don’t actually feel guilty about it. It’s been three weeks now and my skin has gotten better and clearer. Other than that I haven’t noticed any changes. But I’m not going to lie, I do look forward to Easter and all those chocolate eggs I’m going to devour!

I’ve signed up for my first trail running competition this season, which is in a month already, yikes. It’s a 20K run, so I do need to do a few longer runs before for practise. In order for my toenails not to fall off again I’ve bought new running shoes, which are one size bigger and sooo comfy. The guy in the shop recommended Brooks, a brand I would never even have considered before – but after first having tried on Asics, Adidas, Nike and New Balance I could clearly notice the difference when I put on the Brooks shoes. And now I’ve been assured that Brooks is what a lot of people who take running seriously go for, so I guess I will be more credible out on the tracks from now on haha. But anyway, I can recommend – especially since I ran my fastest 10K run ever wearing them! 47 minutes and 20 seconds, including stopping for traffic 🙂

Last but not least, I’ve started growing my own avocado plants! Or well, at least trying to. It is so exciting and Lana loves checking every day too if something has happened. There won’t be any fruit, but hopefully a little avocado tree, can’t wait!

Have a lovely week everyone!

x Nina x