Christmas Is In Da House

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Decorated Christmas Tree

Here she finally is – our beloved Christmas tree! She’s had to endure the cold and rain in our backyard since October, but thankfully she survived, greener than ever, so we could  put her in a corner and bling her up. Not bad for a first Christmas tree, right? I wish we could keep her throughout the winter, she just lights up the room and makes it feel homier. Pretty sure Matthew won’t let me though…



Matthew’s mum knitted these little stockings – how cute aren’t they?

christmas star

I also bought my first ‘Christmas star’ (Poinsettia flower) – can’t have a Christmas without one!

This thing’s been going around Facebook, and thought I’d share it with you so you can see how amazingly strange the Finnish language is.

The spruce is on fire = kuusi palaa
The spruce returns = kuusi palaa
Your moon is on fire = kuusi palaa
Your moon returns = kuusi palaa
The number six is on fire = kuusi palaa
The number six returns = kuusi palaa
Six of them are on fire = kuusi palaa
Six of them return = kuusi palaa
Six pieces = kuusi palaa

I know, it doesn’t make any sense.

x Nina x