Christmas & New Year in Finland

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I know Christmas and New Year is long gone, but still want to share some photos from our two-week holiday in Finland – taken with the new camera of course 🙂


I was extremely happy about a white Christmas, especially since there was no snow last year. Think it was probably Matthew’s first white Christmas as well.


The very friendly family cat “Mousmous” must be wondering where we went – she slept in our bed every night as Matthew and her became best friends.


We arrived at midnight on Saturday, and the first thing we did on Sunday was to visit this adorable little 2-week old – my nephew and our godson. His dad’s hand looks huge 🙂


We weren’t the only ones who wanted to get to know the little one – here’s my younger brother’s fiancée holding him 🙂




Here’s my grandmother from my father’s side holding her great grandson.


I was very much looking forward to seeing my 1-year old nephew and 3-year old niece – they grow up way too quickly!


I’m so glad that my niece is now old enough to know who I am and isn’t shy at all.


Whereas her little cheeky brother probably doesn’t yet! Just like his sister used to when younger, he makes this funny face where he looks like Popeye 🙂


Nicole helped Matthew bake some Scottish shortbread (the only thing I’ve ever seen Matthew bake).


If my dad was in the room, Antonio refused to be in anyone else’s lap – he’s my dad’s biggest fan at the moment 🙂


There’s no trace of Nicole’s previous suspiciousness towards Matthew – here she’s trimming his beard.


The Christmas tree was of great interest to this little fella.


Our Christmas brunch/lunch consists of a traditional rice porridge eaten with a plum creme. Tradition is also to hide an almond in the porridge, and the one who finds it will be rewarded with lots of luck the next year. Think my youngest brother got it this year..


After lunch we visited my 101-year old grandmother to celebrate Christmas. She’s got Alzheimer’s, so she wasn’t aware that it was Christmas – but she actually said that it feels like Christmas when we watched her open her presents 🙂


My brother gave her this angel that lights up that she really liked. I really like this photo Matthew snapped with three generation’s hands: mine, my mother’s and my grandmother’s.


Luckily she remembers us and even her great grandchildren – but some photos to remind her are always good to have 🙂


Christmas dinner cooked by my dad was served around 6pm. (We celebrate Christmas on the 24th by the way.)


The star of the table is traditionally the Christmas ham – that is so big that you end up eating it every day for at least a week afterwards. Thank God I don’t eat meat 🙂


My 2,5-week old nephew’s first Christmas <3 (looks all partied out here:))


We spent a fair bit of time just chilling around too – here’s Matthew watching football in his new Finnish long johns.


We also had a big get together with my friends – as you can see there’s no shortage of babies and toddlers in this group of friends!


We also took my brother’s 1-year old dog, Lara, out for a walk in the snow – she loved it.


My twin brother and his wife invited us to theirs for New Year’s Eve, and we got to enjoy this delicious tapas menu 🙂


The little one was sleeping most of the evening until at 2am he decided to wake up and welcome the new year.


Wide awake in his mum’s lap at 3am – he clearly still needs to work on his sleep schedule so mum and dad gets some sleep at night too 🙂


After a night of eating and drinking, playing board games, fireworks and casting of tin we were home just before 4am as I was starting to feel just as knackered as the dog – my brother and Matthew would’ve happily continued tasting whiskies though…

Once again I was sad to leave and would’ve happily stayed for longer, but had to get back to Edinburgh to give birth…Not long now!

x Nina x