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During Lana’s and mine Finland visit we spent a day in Helsinki with a good friend, eating well and checking out the Design Museum. Having lived in Helsinki for most of my twenties the city will always have a special place in my heart and I’m hoping I’ll get to live there again one day – or at least so close that I can visit often!


First we had coffee at Kaffecentralen where you can get some of the best coffee in Helsinki along with pretty much anything you’ll need to make your own amazing cuppa. I’m back to drinking coffee btw – but mostly decaf as I’m so sensitive to caffeine.


Then we had lunch at Old Skiffer – and we went for the same thing like we often do 🙂 (goat’s cheese/strawberry/pine nut-pizza) Lana was there too, sitting next to me making sure the floor was covered in bread crumbs.


The Design Museum was hosting an exhibition called “The Century Of The Child” – basically toys from the past century.


There were loads of things that I recognised from my childhood too, such as one of these games – do you remember them?


And this board game – I dare to claim it would be difficult to find a person in Finland who hasn’t played this game! Not sure if you have it in the UK too?


The museum is in a building that used to be a school – actually the same school my mum attended. (The photo is not from her time there though haha!)


I’ve driven this baby back in the days too.


This is a Swedish pro paternity leave poster from the 70s – forerunners back then already!


More milk! A Finnish milk propaganda poster.


The famous baby box.


We also had a look at the permanent exhibition “Finnish Form” that “presents the history of applied art and design in Finland from the late 19th century to the present day”.


My dad carried one of these “mobile” phones around too a few years back.


Design is an important part of Finnish culture, and can be found in most homes in some form. Here we have the iconic glass birds by the designer Oiva Toikka.


The iconic Aalto vase is sitting on our windowsill too.


There was also a play area for children – and for the first time Lana was actually big enough to take advantage of it 🙂 This is her first encounter with a balloon (it didn’t pop!)

It’s difficult to get Lana to nap if there’s anything at all going on around her, so it was a tired little girl who fell asleep the minute I put her in her carseat. Tired after a fun day with the bestest company 🙂

x Nina x