A Corner of Our Home & A Familiar Face

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This corner of our flat has, until only a few weeks ago, been the dumping ground of various things that didn’t have a home of their own. The previous owners of our flat used is as a working desk, but we’ve never used it for working from home – probably because it’s been filled with tools, boxes and random items. But one day I decided it was enough and only 15 minutes later the area was cleared. Why did I wait so long to get it done?!

I’m going to try and sit here and work from home next Thursday and see how it feels. Either way I just enjoy seeing the table looking nice for a change! Btw, a little tip for you if you live in Edinburgh: the Botanics have really nice, healthy and affordable plants – that’s where most of these are too. We go there pretty much every week with Lana and pretty much every time we come home with yet another plant…A jungle in the making!

The other day I happened to walk past Primark Home and for some reason I went in (never been to the home department before) – I think it was to find these mirrors. I’ve been looking for similar ones but haven’t found anything even remotely as affordable as these – only £4! They look and feel a lot more expensive, but I might change the string they’re hanging from at some point…

That aloe vera was a house warming gift, the little house and the smaller cactus was a Valentine’s gift from Matthew – and since the cactus didn’t actually fit inside the house I bought a red air plant for it. It’s now my favourite air plant! I’ve also picked some twigs outside that now have little leaves on them – exciting!

That mirror frame used to be wood coloured but we sprayed it with a grey textured spray. It looks a lot darker in this photo than it really is!

This is The Scots Magazine; the OLDEST magazine in the world still in publication. It’s filled with everything Scottish – from food to people to places. And why am I telling you about this? Well…

…because in the March issue you’ll be able to spot a familiar face – ME! You might remember how I told you about modelling bags for Scottish bag company Dunmore Scotland a few months ago? Here’s one of my favourite snaps from that photo shoot! If you go to their website you might see another one 🙂 Will do a proper blog post when I get the rest of the photos.

Yesterday was really windy and rainy due to the Doris storm (Matthew almost had to stay in London on his work trip for another night) but today we woke up to sunshine. Lana and I are going to get on the bus and go to the National Museum where Lana can roam free and tire herself out. Have a lovely weekend folks!

x Nina x