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Hi all!

Yet another week has gone by so quickly that it almost scares me…

Anyhoo, work is getting busier every day as the company keeps growing at a speed so fast that we’re running out of desks to sit at. We’ve gotten quite a few new clients on board lately which is a good thing, but can soon make us swamped with work unless we get more new people. Our client base is really varied, I do online marketing stuff for companies that sell shoes, energy chewing gum, cleaning services, garden rooms, storage space, IT services, jewellery, pest control services, promote wedding bands etc. I never know exactly what I’ll be working on the following day, which I quite like because I get bored easily and it keeps things fresh. I also go to events sometimes, last Thursday, for example, I attended a breakfast meetup about social media competitions. Going to these things always makes me more motivated!

Enough about work. As I mentioned in my last post, I always like to get away and do something in the weekends. Last weekend was no exception as we decided to visit the Pentland Hills regional park. It is a great escape from the city and just two buses and one hour away from where we live. It is a popular place for hillwalking as there are many trails and routes to choose from.

As usual, we weren’t very organised so we didn’t really check which trail to follow. Which obviously resulted in us taking a path going in the wrong direction, so we just decided to cross a few fields in order to get to the lake and then take it from there. Soon we noticed that the fields were full of rams, that apparently can get quite aggressive… Thankfully they left us alone so that we could make our way through fields full of ram-shit. We eventually got to the lake and later a road that would take us to the entrance. Soon a farmer stopped next to us saying that it is private land and that we need to get out of there. (We said sorry but he looked really grumpy.) After 4-5 hours of walking we finally made it back to the bus stop!

Matthew’s been trying to teach me about photography, so I tried to take some more professional photos…I really like the effect where you focus on something and the background is blurry, so I tried to take a lot of those. If nature photography bores you (especially amateur nature photography) you might want to stop reading now and do something more interesting.

Rams Loch Ris RentunRuusu CoolMazza Nina Ronnbar Stenmur Thistle pink Shed

It’s not the best system camera (never mind photographer), but it is fun to experiment!

Hope you’ve all had a good week and are ready for the next one! One of Matthew’s closest friends is getting married tomorrow, before he and his girlfriend leave for Qatar where they’ll spend the following two years teaching English. So we’ll start the week with an informal wedding/leaving party. (Matthew’s still suffering from the stag do haha…)

Toodle Pip!

x Nina x