Cranky Toddler, Sugar Detox & DIY Mania

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It’s been one of those pretty tiring weeks so I thought I’d come here and complain a little to you guys haha. I’m also on a one-month “sugar detox”, which might make me a bit cranky too…But I actually just came back from an energising run, finally washed my hair and I have a fresh batch of home made granola in the oven, so life is winning again!

Maya is clearly teething – I can see at least one tooth about to come through and she’s constantly walking around with her fingers in her mouth, which she doesn’t normally do. Either way she’s been very cranky all week, not wanting to play or let me get anything done around the house. Every mum (maybe dad as well) knows how tiring it is when you have a little unsettled person following you around all day, having tantrum after tantrum for reasons you can only guess.

She’s also out of sync with her normal sleep routine having discovered a whole new freedom after realising she can climb out of her cot all on her own. (I know this sentence is way too long and complicated and probably not even correct, but I hope you understand what I mean haha!). Since that day she’s been difficult to put down at night as she keeps climbing out (she’s been so easy so far, damn!). She sleeps quite well once I’ve spent an hour getting her to bed, but then around 6am she’ll climb into my bed and crawl over my head when doing so. Most of the time I’ve been able to get her back to bed, but only for her to wake up at 7am – and whilst I know it’s nothing compared to how early most kids get up it’s too early for us. Especially when we’re so bad at going to bed before midnight!

Matthew’s been away both Monday and Wednesday night, so I’ve been alone with the Mayaster and the Lanaster. Last night he was invited to the Finnish Sauna Society on Lauttasaari by his colleague and he actually went into the ice cold sea twice! And had a sauna so hot he almost burned his bum. A traditional smoke sauna as well. Very proud! (Think he might be more Finnish than me now.)

Oh and earlier today Maya fell and hit the corner of her eye on a toy box. First I thought she was fine, but then I saw that her eyelid was bleeding and realised there was a one centimetre long open wound right at the corner of her eye. So I hurried to our health station before it closed to have someone look at it. By the time a nurse had looked at her eye there was so much swelling that the wound had swollen shut. The nurse tried to put some plaster to keep it that way but Maya wanted none of it so we just left it bare, hoping it’ll stay shut. We were lucky that it was such a neat wound! Then we hurried to get Lana from nursery, who as per usual refused to leave.

As I mentioned I’ve decided not to eat any sweets, chocolate, cake, ice cream etc. for a month at least. I just reached a point where I was craving sugar more and more and felt that it was getting a bit out of hand. From Monday to Thursday I’m usually quite good and don’t have anything sweet, but when Friday comes I feel like I deserve a reward (obviously in the form of chocolate) – and before I know it it’s Sunday evening and I’ve had loads of sweet stuff again. And when I say loads I mean loads – you can ask Matthew. I want to “detox” for a while so that I can break this vicious cycle and more easily introduce just ONE cheat day, not three (or more!). It’s been almost two weeks now and it’s actually been fine, not as hard as I thought it would be. Will probably just keep going until Easter and then eat all the chocolate eggs I can find and feel sick afterwards.

This has nothing to do with trying to lose weight or anything like that – I know I don’t need to lose any weight. But my skin has gotten worse and I’m getting spots again, so I hope less sugar will help with that. Most of all I just want to eat less crap and be healthier!

I’ve dusted off my Singer and started sewing again. So far I’ve made a few bloomers and now thinking about making the girls some dresses for the wedding we’re attending in Lithuania in May…If I can find nice fabric! I’ve also been knotting and knitting and just feel like there’s nowhere near enough time for all the ideas in my head I want to turn into reality. I really enjoy working with my hands and creating something, but sometimes I also feel it stresses me out a little bit when there isn’t time to be as productive as I would like to. And it’s not like it’s my job and I need to get anything done by a deadline! Then I also have the blog, which has had to make way for other things lately, as well as my instagram and the collaborations I’m doing over there. And I need to start training for the trail running competitions coming up. So there’s definitely not much spare time at the moment!

Ok, how about I try and go to bed before midnight…Have a great weekend all you lovely people!

x Nina x