A Creative First Wedding Anniversary

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Last Saturday was our first wedding anniversary – we made it woohoo! I feel a year has gone SO quickly whereas Matthew said he thinks it’s gone slowly, which I’m not sure how to interpret…Hmm. Anyway, since I was 38 weeks pregnant it was Matthew’s job to organise a little surprise for me…Next year I’ll surprise him with something instead!

Just married back in October 2016!

Being almost ready to pop can be quite tiring, so whatever Matthew’s surprise was I knew it wouldn’t be anything too strenuous. But it was a very creative idea, and something I’ve never done before…Namely a life drawing class at the National Gallery – something Matthew has been talking about doing pretty much ever since we met haha. I wasn’t overly keen at first, but got into it pretty quickly as I do enjoy trying new things and always feel like it fills me with new energy. And it’s even better to try them together as a couple, so well done Matthew <3

So on our anniversary we spent two hours drawing a naked man in four different poses – and I didn’t even giggle as it was such an artsy environment and the other eight participants were quite serious. I was the only person there with no connection to art, but the teacher (who was a lovely middle-aged gay guy) said he was impressed with my drawings, especially since it was my first time. And when you get praise you want to do better, so my last drawing was definitely the best one!

After two hours of being artsy fartsy (and getting quite hot from concentrating so hard) I really needed to sit down, so we headed to Rollo on Broughton Street for a nice dinner. We were home by 8pm so Matthew’s mum and dad could go home and we could put Lana to bed. A perfect anniversary date!

So now you can guess which beautiful works of art are mine and which are Matthew’s 🙂

x Nina x

PS. Thought the first photo in this blog (from our wedding day) was quite artsy – which is why I included it here 🙂 If you want to see more photos from our secret wedding day you can see them here.