A Day in Helsinki with the Adams Family

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It’s been a month since Matthew’s family visited, so it’s about time I get the second post about their stay up on the blog! They only had two full days with us; one of them was spent in my home town Porvoo and the other one in Helsinki where we live now. I’ve slept around 3-4 hours per night lately, so I will keep it short and hopefully don’t write anything incoherent…Let’s go!

This is actually from their first night right after dinner at Cargo. Lana was very excited to have her Nana, Pop and uncle Dan visiting – as you can tell from the photo! She chose to wear that dress herself, for their visit.

Dinner was followed by a stunning pink sunset that we were trying to capture on photo – but it always looks a lot less impressive when seen on your phone screen!

Daniel gave it several gos too.

We then walked over to check out their Airbnb flat, which was spacious and really nice. Lana was busy playing with her new toy that Nana and Pop brought, and Maya was probably climbing something somewhere…After some tea and shortbread we called it a night – and the following day, Sunday, we spent in Porvoo with my parents.

Let’s fast forward to Monday, when it was time to explore Helsinki. When walking into town we came across Matthew’s dad’s Japanese restaurant. (His name is Len…)

The first stop was Matthew’s workplace, which he wanted to show his fam. Here’s uncle Dan teaching Lana to read.

Next to Matthew’s work is one of Helsinki’s must-see attractions: the white cathedral. And since it’s tradition to take a photo on the steps that’s exactly what we did.

I saw my chance to try and get a photo of me and the girls, but as you can see it didn’t go very well. Maya was grumpy and Lana refused to pose.

And one more shot from a bit further away so you can see how pretty the cathedral is.

Next stop was the market square, which is also full of tourists (and seagulls) in summer…

Some cards were bought.

At the market you can buy fresh produce, traditional Finnish foods and souvenirs. I’m just in the process of knitting my first pair of mittens – this process has taken me three years haha.

A knife “puukko” is very handy when you need to kill ice bears on the way to work.

Pop got stuck with a Maya who didn’t want to sit in her buggy.

Lana, on the other hand, insisted on sitting in Maya’s buggy. Here she’s learning a vital survival skill for the Finnish summer: how to open a pea pod.

Next to the market is the presidential palace. Quite a forgettable building really.

If you do a 180 you’ll see Allas Sea Pool; a place where you can swim, train, have a sauna, eat and drink. Such a cool place and something quite fun for tourists to try.

We only opted for the eat and drink part. Matthew looks happy because he’s got a latte right next to him.

Maya was being carried around like a little princess pretty much all day.

There’s a sea water pool as well as a couple of normal pools.

Our next stop was Helsinki Central Station – a beautiful granite-clad building designed by Eliel Saarinen and actually chosen as one of the world’s most beautiful railway stations by the BBC in 2013.

Matthew’s mum and dad were also impressed with the building.

The best way to get Lana to move in the same direction as everyone else is to hold both her hands and don’t let go.

Minutes later we found ourselves on the fun roof of the new Amos Rex Art Museum. And here’s the cover of the next Adams Family album.

Lana was doing so much sliding down those formations that I was surprised there wasn’t a big hole at the back of her trousers.

We were all tired, so we headed home and Matthew’s folks to their accommodation. The following day we had lunch and coffee, and before we knew it we had to say our goodbyes. We’re going to Edinburgh for Christmas, so it won’t be too long before we meet again!

Thanks for visiting! <3

x Nina x