Day Out in The Hermitage Forest & Dunkeld Village

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Hallelujah, we finally have our Internet back after one week of suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms. We made it out stronger on the other side though and normal life can resume again. This also means I can post some photos from our much needed forest walk to the Hermitage in Dunkeld. 

It was a gorgeously sunny yet slightly nippy day and we got to see the beautiful Douglas fir-lined Craigvinean forest with River Braan flowing by our side in its best light. One of the highlights of the walk, The Black Linn waterfalls, were much more impressive than I had expected!

We brought a picnic and just let Lana show us the pace. We also peeked into Ossian’s Hall, from where you have great views over the falls and Ossian’s Cave, which was built around 1760 for the third Earl of Breadalbane. Matthew told Lana it’s a Troll’s cave, which she found fascinating. The Hermitage and Braan Woodland Walk is 6,5 km long – but we only did a fraction of it as Lana’s wee legs couldn’t have walked that far.

After the walk we drove to the picturesque Dunkeld village where we had coffee and ice cream and spent some time in a play park by the river.

I think the photos will tell a much better story of our day, so go ahead and start scrolling!

Today is so bleak and grey that it’s hard to imagine this was only a week ago. Both girls got a cold afterwards and Maya is still quite snotty and has a chesty cough – don’t think it had anything to do with the fresh forest air though!

Matthew took Lana to see her first ever film at the cinema – I think it’s Peter Rabbit they went to see. Can’t wait for her to come home and tell me all about it 🙂

x Nina x