Day Trip to Gullane Beach & Archerfield Fairy Trail (+video)

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I thought I had already written a blog post about our second family day out with Matthew DRIVING, but maybe I just dreamt that I did?! Anyway, Matthew has also put together a wee 12-minute video about the day – and it’s THIS VIDEO where he teaches Lana the F-word and not the previous one as I said in my blog. So do click through and watch Matthew hit his head!

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gullane beach scotland

It was another gloriously sunny day (before Snowmageddon) so we decided to head out to Gullane Beach in East Lothian – probably the nicest beach I’ve seen here in Scotland. But to be fair I haven’t been to many haha. We’re planning on a trip to either Isle of Skye or the North Coast 500 route when it’s a bit warmer, so hoping to see more sandy beaches soon!

Lana wanted to bring her swimming armbands, but I tried to explain to her that it’s not quite that warm yet…She LOVES the beach and swimming.

The man behind the video camera setting up a shoot.

The fresh sea air put Maya to sleep within minutes.

My handsome hubby.

Plenty of sea buckthorn around. I read on a sign that it was planted in the 70s to combat man-made erosion, but it ended up taking over the rest of the vegetation. It’s a very Vitamin C rich berry that I know is turned into juice etc. in Finland but haven’t really seen anywhere here. Correct me if I’m wrong!

archerfield shop

We got hungry, so we drove to the nearby Archerfield Walled Garden for some lunch. The restaurant was packed but luckily there was a deli counter from where we got some salads and a Scotch egg for Matthew.

After several trips to the baby changing room with both girls we finally got out and could start the fairy hunt.

On the way we bumped into some friendly deer Lana felt needed a hug.

This is where Matthew hit his head. Watch the video!

At the bottom of the garden we found two gates; one for little people and one for big people.

Lana was very excited to finally get to meet the fairies. She often mentions the tooth fairy when she’s about to go to bed – not sure where she’s heard about her though.

The trail was accompanied by some lovely signs telling us stories about the fairies living in the little houses.

How cute isn’t this? Lana opened the little doors but to her disappointment she could only find coins.


I think there were about 14 little fairy houses on the trail – all tiny and exquisite.

Snowdrops everywhere already.

On the way back to the car we passed a wishing tree. All I could wish for at that moment was to get back in the car because it was freezing!

We drove back with the sun in our eyes and stupidly decided to stop at Asda to get some food. Just as the previous night in Sainsbury’s, they had decided to put all the kids’ fancy dresses right next to the door – which obviously meant Lana saw them and immediately decided she wanted an Ariel dress…This time she did put up a fight at the checkout when she realised we weren’t buying it for her. It’s the worst tantrum we’ve ever seen Lana have and lasted all the way home, until she was just sobbing and asking for help?! Maya naturally went ballistic too, so we had two crying kids in the back – and all we could do was laugh like good parents do.

Maybe two full days out one after the other wasn’t such a good idea – but at least we had two girls who fell asleep very quickly that evening.

x Nina x