Days of Snot

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Aargh, I haven’t left the flat since Sunday and am starting to go a little mental. It was my turn to catch a winter cold – let’s hope it’s the first and last one this winter. Colds are annoying, I feel like I’m not well enough to go to work, but feel guilty if I don’t work from home. So today I’m working from home (I’m taking a break to blog) – and look what I’ve produced so far:

photo (1)

Where does it all come from?? No wonder my heads feels like it weighs a stone! (Not sure how much heads usually weigh, but a stone sounds like a lot.) Apart from the snot, my only company is my beloved new computer:

photo (2)

The Mac Air is the new one in case you were wondering. The Acer weighs at least 4 times as much as my new baby – never going back to PC again!

Need to get back to work – and listen to this  feel good song on repeat:

Hope your day isn’t as full of snot as mine!

x Nina x

PS. What do you think about my new dotty background? I made it myself with Photoshop and not sure if I like it or not…