December In Finland

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Another successful stay in Finland ended a week ago, and on top of a bunch of lovely Christmas gifts I also brought a new head of hair back with me 🙂

Right, without further introduction: prepare yourselves for a whole bunch of random photos from my one-month stay in Finland!


Knitting has become one of my favourite hobbies after Lana’s gone to bed – so many a night was spent knitting and doing crossword puzzles…Yes, I’ve officially become a granny!


In order to get rid of stuff (which there’s tons of in my parents’ house), my mum and I rented a table at a local flea market for a couple of weeks. From this experience I learnt that the uglier the thing you’re trying to sell, the better it sells. Go figure!


I quickly discovered that Lana absolutely loves Finnish cottage cheese that is a lot grainier than the British cheese. She spent hours trying to pick up the cheese – I wish they sold it here!


Can’t believe that Marks & Sparks has opened up a store in my little home town! That means you can now get percy pigs in Porvoo, which means there’s really no good reason to go back to Edinburgh 😉


We did a fair bit of Christmas shopping, and Lana was a little angel the whole time. I think she likes shopping!


Lana’s cousin turned one in the beginning of December, and it was really nice to have been able to attend his birthday party.


I baked gingerbread cookies with my niece and nephew, which wasn’t at all as stressful as I had feared.


And here they are – my two little cuties.


It wasn’t too cold when we arrived, but it wasn’t long until it got a bit nippy and we had to try and get Lana into this winter suit every time we went out – a workout in itself!

Lana really enjoys the company of other kids, so it was nice that her cousins visited often.


At a Christmas party with my girls, what a fun night! Lana was put to bed by my parents – without any tantrums woohoo!


It almost looks like they’re decorating the tree, but the truth is another…


Cousin love.


My brother and his wife are going to start building their house this spring, so I wanted to see their plot of land and take some “before” pics before.


Matthew arrived a few days before Christmas.


Two little michelin men 🙂


Christmas came and Lana was dressed up as a Christmas elf – she looked so much like a boy!


Matthew brought some haggis with him, and actually persuaded my family to try it. Even Lana had a taste.


Lana and her play buddy. I wasn’t joking when I said she loves other kids 🙂


We decided to take the kids to a huge play area, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Lana kept chewing on everything she could find, and I was convinced she was going to pick up some sort of a bug – and 5 day later she got a fever followed by a rash 🙁


Our wee buddha belly trying the slide with papa buddha.


I just couldn’t resist having a go myself…


Matthew looked after Lana so that I could have dinner with the girls, and as you can see there are more babies on the way soon!


We visited “the Villa” one day, which was built by my mother’s grandmother’s father and has been in the family as a summer house for decades.


It didn’t snow much during December, but it was so cold that the frost made the landscape white.


I actually miss the freezing cold – can’t stand the rain here!


My brother got a PS4 for Christmas, so many hours were spent playing FIFA. Fun.


It’s an understatement to say Lana was obsessed with MusMus the family cat. The first thing she said in the morning and the last thing she said in the evening was “kissa” (cat in Finnish). I even heard her say it several times in her sleep. Luckily MusMus is such a child-friendly cat that she lets the little ones “pet” her and would never raise a paw to hurt them.


So to make sure Lana didn’t miss MusMus too much, Matthew got her a cat of her own, called “kissa” of course. It didn’t fool Lana for a second, but she’s slowly growing more fond of her new kissa. Let’s hope time will heal the wounds.


On the way to the airport. Poor thing developed a fever on the day we travelled, so she slept a lot of the time. Our first week back in Edinburgh hasn’t been the best as Lana had a fever for 3 days and then got a rash all over the body. She’s been very clingy and clearly not been well, and would only have milk no matter what I tried to give her. Thank god she’s back to her happy old self now!

x Nina x