My Dictator & Christmas Tree Lover

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I don’t know what it is with Lana, but she’s been a real handful lately and I can’t wait for Matthew to get here tonight to share the load – even though I have my parents here to help and I shouldn’t really need it! Today’s been pretty bad; she keeps following me around not wanting to do anything I suggest and saying “NO!” even more than usual…She’s very bossy too and I constantly get ordered to “COME HERE!”. I need a break!

Maya, on the other hand, has been pretty chilled – and thank god for that. She’s fallen in love with the Christmas tree and can spend ages (well, ages for her age) lying on the floor looking at it whilst letting out little squeaks of joy. Maybe Lana’s behaviour is some kind of a reaction to having to share her mamma with a little newcomer? Who knows, but she is a pain in the butt at the moment!

Enough with the rant, let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to lately here in Finland!

First of all; we’ve been pretty tired, but now Lana and Maya have adjusted to the time difference it’s a lot better. Lana goes to bed around 9pm and usually sleeps through the night without waking up and Maya goes to bed at 1am, sleeps 4 hours, feeds, sleeps 2,5 hours, feeds and sleeps until 9am or longer.

We’ve done some Christmas shopping and taken Lana (and Maya) to Leikkiasema soft play in Itäkeskus shopping centre.

We’ve enjoyed sushi at Hanko sushi.

Lana got a massive piece of cake at Navetta cafe and kept saying it was her birthday because of it. We obviously just went along with it.

“Great – another damn photo.”

We’ve spent time with Lana’s cousins – and I can tell you they usually don’t have the patience to sit down and draw! I bought that beautiful hat at Edinburgh airport as Lana kept insisting and I just couldn’t be bothered fighting her. She thinks she’s Anna from Frozen when she wears it haha.

As is tradition here in Finland, we’ve obviously also baked gingerbread cookies. Lana skipped the baking part and just focussed on eating the dough. Just look at that cheeky face!

I decided to just decorate them on my own and save myself from extra stress trying to prevent Lana from eating it all.

We’ve visited aunty Hannele too for some cuddles, glögg and her mum’s delicious gingerbread cookies.

We have dressed the Christmas tree and Lana has been doing her usual dressing up in the weirdest outfits-thing.

Another day, another soft play in Itäkeskus. This is what we have to do to tire her out enough so we can do some Christmas shopping. It usually doesn’t even work!

It was a big play area with only two other kids apart from Lana. Lots of things to do though so can recommend! It’s on the second floor in Prisma in Itäkeskus if anyone’s wondering.

We’ve also spent an afternoon and evening hanging out with these lovely people. 7 kids (all with English and Swedish as their mother tongues!) and 3 mums and a lot of noise and interrupted conversations. But so fun and something I definitely feel like I’m missing out on in Edinburgh since none of Matthew’s friends have children…:/

Now we’re going to have a sauna and wait for pappa to arrive. Although his flight has been delayed so it’ll be past 11pm when the flight arrives. So guess only Maya will be awake then.

x Nina x