Dinner for Eight

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Last Saturday we had a few friends over for dinner. This group has been very difficult to get around the same table as no one ever seems to be in the same city or country – but we finally did it and we had a blast! I didn’t think it was going to be THAT much work cooking for 8 people, but somehow we didn’t manage to get our starter on the table until closer to 10pm! I have a lot more respect for the people that go on Come dine with me and fail now haha.

Our guests arrived around 7pm and had the honour of attending Lana’s tea party first. She was loving the attention and wasn’t shy at all.

I improvised the decoration of the table with an old curtain as a table cloth and dividing a bouquet of flowers we happened to have a t home into two vases. When I was setting the table I noticed that we only own 7 forks – so we had to ask one of our guests to bring their own…Classy.

Matthew decided to take the plunge and cook a saddle of lamb filled with feta, spinach, pine nuts and herbs. He looks like he’s feeling pretty confident about it here…

But the truth was another! Luckily he got some help from friends and it turned out perfect.

I love our new mirror!

For the starter I had prepared a celeriac and apple soup with thyme and roasted hazelnuts. It was actually quite nice and fresh. Our poor starving friends were finally fed! We really should’ve had some snacks…

And here is the main meal! Lamb, cucumber in a yoghurt and herb sauce, couscous with pomegranate seeds, herbs and pistachios (forgot the apricots!) and carrot, courgette and halloumi cakes served with a rice vinegar, chilli and spring onion. All made by my husband <3

For dessert we had many things to choose from. Anne the Masterchef had baked her own profiteroles, little ginger cakes and chocolate mousse – all amazing! And then there were my two failed attempts…A chocolate ganache cake with solidified butter on the top and a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake that didn’t set properly. Not my best baking!

After dinner Matthew got out his Speak Out board game, which made everyone look like morons…

But it is pretty damn funny! Our guests left around 2am I think and we all slept like babies. Lana went down surprisingly well in the evening and didn’t wake up once even though the noise levels were pretty high. Good girl!

Lana woke us up at 9am the following morning and I actually felt energised and didn’t mind doing the cleaning up. Wtf?

Here’s a close-up of the delicious home made cream puffs, yum.

And one of my fat-covered chocolate ganache cake…To be fair it tasted ok!

Minty brought us another one of her beautiful floral creations, made mostly with things she found in her back garden! On Monday she actually started working at Dickins as the new Operation Manager – so we are now colleagues woohoo!

x Nina x