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DIY Laptop Sleeve



My sewing inspiration seems to come and go, and now it’s definitely coming. Here’s another easy little DIY project that I’ve kept myself busy with and thought I’d share with youse guys. As I have a new laptop I needed a laptop sleeve, but didn’t like the prices in the shops so decided to make one myself instead. (I’ve included the video I watched to learn how to make this at the end of this post.)

All you need is:

  • two different fabrics
  • padding
  • a button
  • a hairband

Oh, and a sewing machine – although you can sew by hand too if you’re really, REALLY patient…I have to confess that I made a few mistakes, here they are so you can avoid them:

– It’s better to use padding that’s quite thin – not the 2 cm thick stuff I used!
– Cut out pieces of fabric that are more than just 2 cm wider than your laptop (even if you’re using thinner padding). My sleeve was really snug although I have a very slim Macbook Air
– Make sure you make the flap long enough – as you can see the flap on my sleeve doesn’t quite cover the whole gap (partly because of the thick padding though).
– Last but not least, if you’re using a prominent pattern – make sure it’s not upside down like my heads on the front of the sleeve!

Here’s the video if you want to give it a go yourself.

Nina Äikäs

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