DIY Bar Stool Project

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A while back I mentioned my little do-it-yourself project that I would share with you if it turned out ok – and since it actually turned out better than I was expecting I proudly present my old-new teal blue bar stool 🙂


The before pic. This black old stool was a bit run down and since I never liked the black anyway I decided to paint it. The colour that came to me straight away was blue – a greenish blue that apparently is called teal.


The first step was to sand down the chair so that the paint stripper would stick better.


I got this paint stripper in Homebase for under a tenner.


I applied the paint stripper with a brush, let it dry for an hour or so, removed the old paint with one of these stripping knives and then sanded the chair again. I didn’t have time to finish so I left the legs overnight, but don’t do that as it will dry and it’ll be a lot more difficult to get the old paint off!


This wooden stool was hiding underneath that black colour. It actually looked quite good like that too, but since I already had bought the paint I wanted to try it.


I didn’t want to buy a whole paint bucket as I would only need a little, so I was pleased when I came across these little tubes with a foam applicator for less than a pound each. Plus the colour was perfect!


Applying the paint with the applicator (and a paintbrush for the tricky parts) was supereasy and fun, and here the finished product is! (Only one layer was enough.) I haven’t retouched the photo, so don’t know why the blue looks so blue here compared to the other photos…Although I did take it the day before and from another angle so guess the light must’ve been different.


This is closer to the real colour, but still looks slightly different to me…


That plant obviously can’t stay there with an 8-month old in the house, but it looks nice!


I like the matte finish – but might have to get some sort of a varnish to protect the finish though. Hopefully it won’t make it too glossy.


I didn’t even finish one tube, so just felt like I had to paint something else too – and this poor ceramic pot became the next victim (looking for new victims as I’m writing this haha). Again, the blue looks very bright blue?!

This was by no means a big project, but I still feel proud – especially since I don’t know much about painting and all that DIY-stuff. It gives me confidence to take on more complicated projects in the future!

What do you think, should I have left the stool bare (stripped off its black colour) or is the teal blue a good choice?

x Nina x