Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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The world’s biggest international arts festival came and went. A month of madness in August when the city’s population triples and public transport becomes annoyingly slow. We spent the first two weeks of August in Finland, so we only took part during the two last weekends. Which was just enough for me.

We managed to see 6 shows altogether; 5 stand up shows and 1 burlesque show that we got to see for free because Matthew knew a person working at the venue. I’ve never seen a burlesque show before, so it was quite interesting. This one was very artsy though, almost surreal at some points, so it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Picking which shows to see is a nightmare, so we just went with recommendations from friends instead. Walking down the Royal Mile (that you can see in the video) is also a walk of constantly saying no thanks to flyers from the most extravagant people.


Would you take a flyer from these guys?


We saw one free comedy show which was actually quite good. But free also means a tiny attic room with space for around 15 people.


I agreed to take one flyer (from a girl who complimented my dress).

A good friend of mine also visited during the last weekend, but I’ll do another post about that soon!

x Nina x

PS. This is the first video I’ve ever edited, which might explain why it’s so amazing.