Edinburgh Festival Vibes

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Don’t know if it’s the terrible weather or me being pregnant and not having had the energy to venture into town on my own with Lana, but the Edinburgh Festival hasn’t really felt like a festival as much as in previous years. We have been to the old town and soaked up the Festival atmosphere during the past two weekends though, so I thought I’d take you with us on our day out on Sunday!

I find it difficult to walk past Hula Juice Bar without getting a juice or smoothie, so that’s exactly what I did! And what’s great is that you can hide lots of spinach and other healthy things inside a smoothie and Lana will happily drink it 🙂

We headed to The Three Sisters bar with several Fringe venues and to a free family show called Tarantula I think. The show was a bit bizarre and went from one woman singing to a broom to every child in the audience playing an instrument (it was beautiful) to aerobics – but the kids seemed to like it so guess it wasn’t a waste of time!

Lana is fascinated by street performers and will just go straight up to them and stare – to the point where we always feel we have to give them some money…

Since we were in the Grassmarket I wanted to pop into Hannah Zakari to check out their jewellery – they sell a lot of stuff by Wolf & Moon that I really like.

Whilst in there I spotted this little poster 🙂

I have to say I wasn’t surprised to see a “covfefe” coffee joint at the Festival this year!

When out with Lana you usually just catch the back of her as she’s taking off to explore the surroundings – without looking back.

We found ourselves in George Square Gardens for the third weekend in a row – it’s just such a nice chilled out place to hang out. Plus you’re surrounded by food! That guy really seems to enjoy his job haha.

We found some free cushions to sit down on and quickly got the sticker book out to trick Lana into sitting still for a while.

I had a falafel flatbread by chick + pea (had the same the weekend before) and it was so nice although it doesn’t look like much in the photo! (Even Matthew enjoyed it even though it was completely vegan…)

Minty and James joined us and they all got pies – that didn’t go down too well with Lana. Something happened whilst we were in Finland as she’s now a lot more open to trying new foods, which makes me sooo happy.

After the food we headed next door and entered the giant purple cow for our second show of the day.

It was a funny family circus thing with just the two guys you see in the photo. Unfortunately they weren’t able to finish the more dangerous part of the show as one of their juggling balls had burst and there was very slippery silicone liquid on the floor and their equipment 🙁

Whilst Lana and Minty were chilling I was queuing to Mimi’s bakery for some…

…vegan oreo brownie! It was so rich and succulent that you’d never guess that it didn’t have any dairy or eggs in it. Did you know that oreos are vegan btw? (I watched a couple of documentaries about how plant-based food is the healthiest diet for a human and have since been eating only vegan foods – apart from a pizza the day before…I’ll see where it takes me and will probably blog about my experiences when it’s been a few weeks…)

Coincidentally both parties needed to go to the Chinese supermarket – so we walked over to Clerk Street to one of the many Asian shops before heading home.

A good Sunday that made it feel a bit more like festival 🙂

x Nina x

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