Edinburgh Photo Walking Tour with Iconic Tours

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In a recent blog post I told you about the Rock House InstaMeet that I helped organise a few weeks ago. Well the meet-up didn’t finish at the house, but we were treated to a photo walking tour by a local company called Iconic Tours. I am the first one to admit that there’s so much I don’t know about Edinburgh (and photography!), so I was really looking forward to it!


The tour started with Will explaining some basic things about photography, taking both smartphone and camera users into account. He also introduced us to a great photo editing app called Snapseed.


We then started walking towards the Old Town, stopping on the way to take photos of Waverley Train Station and an Edinburgh landmark, the luxurious 5-star Balmoral Hotel.


Right behind us was another 5-star hotel, The Scotsman. The Scotsman newspaper used to occupy the building in the past, hence the name.


We reached the Royal Mile that is full of great stuff to photograph. Usually the groups are a lot smaller on these tours – it allows for the tour guides to help the participants more.


Here we were experimenting with shutter speed. Quite a cool effect don’t you think?!


These stone well heads that can be found in several places in Edinburgh were the only means by which the thousands of Old Town inhabitants could access water up until 1820. It was also a popular place to gather and gossip.


Our next stop was the City Chambers and the famous statue of Alexander the Great taming Bucephalus.


Something I hadn’t noticed before were the Edinburgh Awards handprints outside the City Chambers. The Edinburgh Award was established in 2007 and is now a prestigious annual award to honour an outstanding individual who has made a positive impact on the city and gained national and international recognition for Edinburgh.


Ian Rankin, JK Rowling and Professor Peter Higgs are a few people whose handprints can be found here.

One of Edinburgh’s narrow closes, Advocate’s Close, was our next destination.


Spes Altera Vitae – “hope of another life” according to Google…As you might’ve noticed by now, I rediscovered black and white photography on the tour haha. It just gives the photo that mysterious dramatic effect and brings out the grey Edinburgh buildings even more.


We basically just crossed the street and found this gorgeous vintage bus by St Giles cathedral.


We were also entertained by a handsome-looking piper – there must’ve been a wedding going on inside.


We walked to the side of the cathedral to get a nice shot with an arch in the foreground.


The other tour guide, Chris, helped me get a dramatic shot of  the Charles II statue outside St Giles. Me like!


The last stop on the tour was fascinating Greyfriars Kirkyard that I’ve dedicated a whole post to recently.

I actually learned some new things about my own camera that I didn’t know and Will and Chris were both very patient and helpful, not to mention enthusiastic about Edinburgh and photography. Iconic Tours do “normal” walking tours too, as well as tours to other destinations in Scotland. Check them out!

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