Edinburgh’s Secret Herb Garden

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It’s taken me so long to blog about our visit to the Secret Herb Garden that Lana’s visibly grown since! The Secret Herb Garden is a place where you can buy and learn about herbs, have a coffee and a piece of home made cake and just relax and enjoy the surrounding countryside.

There’s also a vintage furniture and garden tool shop, chickens and pigs that you can say hi to, a therapy room where you can have herbal treatments and plenty of space for children to run around. There are little tricycles that Lana and the other kids loved using on the pathways inside the glasshouse.

To get there we took bus number 15, which took us around 20 minutes from Lothian Road in the centre of town. The garden is situated next to the Pentland Hills, where we’ve been hiking a couple of times. Our friend actually works at the SHG, so that was another incentive to pay a visit.

All in all it’s a lovely place for both adults and children – with so many rustic but pretty nooks and crannies to photograph. Proof of this will be the 30+ photos below!

pentlands pentlandhills hog cafeandshopsecretherbgarden secretherbgardenoutsideexplorerrust secretherbgardencafe cafe vintageshop nooksandcrannies corner armchairspillers seatingarea dragonfly wriggler kidscorner newcar race toycars oregano cobwebhouseleek lunchwater secretherbgarden tulips greenery chickens flowers kissa

Our wee crazy cat lady spotted the cats straight away.

Would love to go there in the middle of summer when it’s even greener and more lush – and perhaps even sunny! It’s been so sunny the past week that I’m starting to fear that this is the only summer we’ll get…But at the same time I’m convinced this summer can’t be as shit as the last ones haha!

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