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Just thought I’d come here and ramble a little bit about what’s happening in our everyday life. I enjoy reading about those mundane everyday things in other blogs and think there could be more of that here too – especially since I do enjoy writing about it. Or what do you think??

When I was younger I was always chasing the next adventure and struggling a bit to find joy in the life that fell in between each exciting high. Now I know that it is exactly in that everyday life you need to find happiness and fulfilment – otherwise you’ll never be content. And I think I’m there now. I enjoy many “trivial” things, such as watching a film with Matthew after the kids have gone to bed, seeing Lana’s and Maya’s excited little faces first thing in the morning, doing my beauty routine in the evening, picking up my knitting or laptop after having cleaned the kitchen in the evening or connecting with likeminded people on Instagram. And chocolate of course.

Anyhoo, what’s been going on here in our Helsinki headquarters? Well we’ve all been ill over the past two weeks. First Lana got a fever and had to stay home from nursery for a week. When she got well Maya got a fever and an eye infection and I got tonsillitis. Then we got better and Lana and Matthew got an eye infection. And a few days later Maya got her second eye infection. So she has made sure none of us have gotten much sleep. Fun times.

October was sunny and colourful but November has been grey, dark and rainy. It’s getting dark so early as well – I had somehow managed to suppress just how soon it starts getting really dark here, so it took me by surprise a little bit. But it doesn’t bring me down because I still can’t believe my luck – that we are actually living in Finland! I think this first winter will go by easily on this honeymoon high I’m on, but that the following winter will be the real test…

In the midst of this illness bubble I’ve somehow missed that Christmas is getting quite close – and when someone on Instagram posted that it’s only 6 weeks until Christmas I was genuinely surprised. I haven’t thought about any gifts, about decorating the home or anything Christmas-related. And I usually get excited about it in October already! Today I bought Lana an advent calendar, so at least that is done now. We’re going to Edinburgh for Christmas and New Year, so don’t know if we need a Christmas tree, but since Matthew’s parents don’t usually have one I might just get one for the girls so they can enjoy it before we go…

On Friday Matthew is going to Tromsö in Northern Norway for work and I’ll be alone with the girls for a week. Can’t wait. We’ll take Matthew to the airport on Friday morning and then drive to Porvoo for the weekend so my parents can enjoy our loud company again! Then hopefully we won’t get ill so Lana can go to nursery from Monday to Thursday, and before we know it it’ll be Friday and Matthew will be back. See how I’m mentally preparing myself haha?! The worst bit is probably that I’ll have to brush Maya’s teeth on my own twice per day during that week…She puts up such a good fight that I have to put her head between my legs and pin down her arms and legs with my legs. She’ll cry hysterically whilst trying to spit out the toothbrush and it’s just torture for all parties involved. If anyone has any tips let me know!

I’m in the midst of a knitting frenzy and have so many knitting projects planned. I just finished my first pair of woollen SOCKS and realising I was able to do that has given me so much confidence that I’m now planning on knitting a sweater. If you never hear me mention it again you’ll know that it all went tits up…

Lana has started showing interest in different languages lately and she’s starting to understand how it all works and finally using the right words for the languages. She’ll say that mamma speaks Swedish, pappa speaks English and mofa (my dad) speaks Finnish. One day she came home from nursery and said that the father of one of the boys there speaks like pappa does and when we’re out she might ask what language someone is talking. What I’m really pleased about is that she seems to want to learn Finnish – it’s like she’s noticed that it is spoken around her and that she needs to learn it too in order to be able to communicate. She’s even started calling me “äiti” every now and then (Finnish for mother) and yesterday she said “no niin” (it can have many meanings but maybe “all right” describes it well enough). When I asked her who says that she said mofa. So she’s been listening and picking up things. So fascinating!

Lana’s also showing an interest in letters and can almost write her own name without help. Right now she’s trying to write Maya’s name and actually just wrote it correctly from memory! Three years old! She’s also shown a fascination towards the brain, and we’ve looked at many photos of it and I’ve tried to explain what we use it for. Not sure she quite gets it because she might say stuff like “I blow my nose and my brain comes out”. Hmm.

Matthew just asked me how I have the energy to write so much, and scrolling back I realise I’ve written quite a lot! So time to pick up my knitting needles and watch some crap. Hope you’re having a good week my dear readers!

I’ll include a few photos from last weekend when we were at my parent’s place in beautiful Porvoo. It was Matthew’s first Finnish father’s day!

x Nina x