When the Family Came to Visit

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It’s been a month since my parents and my second youngest brother (I’ve got 5!) came to visit. My parents actually visited for the first time exactly one year ago, but luckily this year the trees were still full of cherry blossom. It was a much needed visit as we hadn’t seen them since our last visit just after Christmas. Scroll down to see what we got up to!

With both my parents and a brother visiting I thought it would be nicer if they stayed in a self catering flat – and as it so happens that I work for Dickins Edinburgh that lets great apartments in the city centre it was quite a natural choice!

We went for Comely Bank Place in Stockbridge – a clean, nice and spacious flat with the comfiest sofas ever. A bit of chilling and sorting out the vital WiFi connection going on here after the flight – apart from Lana who never chills and was busy exploring the place.

The kitchen was nice and bright too. We couldn’t stay for long though as I had to get Lana to the doctor…

She had a weird reaction to something the day before, which caused a swollen eye. Thank god it wasn’t anything serious and she was back to normal within a couple of days!

After the doctor’s appointment we went to the Raeburn for lunch – and my parents being big fans of fish and chips they naturally ordered just that!

After lunch we walked into town and climbed Calton Hill for some stunning views of the city.

Lana wasn’t too bothered about the views though.

A photo in front of the Scottish Parthenon is a must.

Arthur’s Seat framed by those yellow flowers I can never remember the name of…

The impressive St Andrew’s House.


My brother Dan and his toy.

We walked back to Stockbridge and had dinner at Pizza Express before taking a tired Lana home to bed. My parents still explored the nearby Waitrose – I find checking out local supermarkets in other countries so interesting!

The following day, Friday, we got some takeaway coffees from Peter’s Yard for the walk uphill into town.

We had to stop at NW Circus Place to take some photos of this lovely home.

After a visit to Boots (there’s always a reason for visiting Boots) we finally got a photo in front of the castle.

Lana was really good at making my mum run – and I didn’t mind running after her a bit less!

It was so much greener and more springy than in Finland I was told! We walked up to the castle, then had a quick lunch at Pret (during which Lana fell asleep) and then started walking down the Canongate.

We popped into Chessel’s Court and found some lovely cherry blossom there.

No filters at all in this photo haha.

I finally got a photo of the ivy heart I’ve been wanting to photograph for so long. I want this on my living room wall!

My mum found a cute private garden.

We continued our walk only to soon step into the Fudge House for some dessert. Right up my street!

We also strolled through the quiet Dunbar’s Close garden.

And Canongate Kirk lined by gorgeous cherry blossom.

At White Horse Close my mum managed to snap a paparazzi shot of me. I feel like I’ve become sooo much bigger since this photo was taken – and I remember already feeling big back then!

We did some more walking whilst Lana napped (she was exhausted from staying up until 11pm two nights in a row) and found our way back to the flat eventually. Matthew joined us there after work and we headed to a newish restaurant called Taisteal in Stockbridge for dinner.

Was it hake I had? Either way we were all really happy with our meals, very tasty! The pannacotta I had for dessert was not great though…

On Saturday I met my parents and Dan at the Botanics whilst Matthew went to the shop, cleaned the flat and started preparing dinner.

Pretty little pinecones.

Those flowers were so pink we just had to get a photo of Lana in front of them.

We paid to get into the Glasshouses as well.

This is the prettiest of the glasshouses – but also the one where you’re constantly terrified Lana will fall into the pond.

Some pretty amazing tropical flowers to be found there!

In the evening it was time for the second meet-up of the Äikäs and Adams’ clans. Matthew had prepared a delicious lamb roast, Lana enjoyed having both sets of grandparents around and everybody got along well. A very successful evening altogether!

On Sunday morning we got the train to North Berwick as my family wanted to see what a Scottish beach looks like. I wonder if I have a filter on or if Matthew really is that orange?hmmm…

Instead of snow we have cherry blossom petals.

You obviously can’t go to North Berwick without having fish & chips and my parents had only had it once so far – so we all got fish & chips!

I can’t resist taking a photo of the pretty pastel houses every time I visit.

Finally Lana got to take her bucket and spade and start roaming around the beach.

Matthew was very keen to do some rock pooling, but didn’t find anything interesting.

Photo time!

Lana and mommo.

And me and my girl (who’s getting so heavy).

On the way back Lana found some little metal wires (or whatever they’re called) that she kept herself busy with for nearly the entire journey. She can turn pretty much anything into baby, mummy and daddy. One can only admire the imagination of a child!

In the evening we ordered a thai takeaway from Street Box (just teaching my family about British food culture…) and chilled in the flat until it was time to take Lana home to bed. Before we knew it the visit had come to an end and it was time to say goodbye once again. Luckily we have a Finland trip to look forward to on the 28th of June!

x Nina x