Family Day Out

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Spring has arrived in Edinburgh and brought the occasional sunny day with it. One of those days was last Thursday that Matthew had taken off so we could have a family day out after being apart for nearly three weeks – perfect!

After a relaxing brunch (Lana slept through the meal for once) at Broughton Deli we headed to the National Portrait Gallery – but didn’t stay too long as Lana got so carried away with the interesting new place that she had difficulties keeping her voice down, to say the least!


Instead we decided to do a bit of sightseeing and climb up to the castle along a trail that starts in Princes street gardens. This pretty little cottage looks like it belongs somewhere else than in the middle of the bustling city centre, don’t you think?!


Surprisingly few people around on a sunny March afternoon.


The view from the trail wasn’t bad at all – if you look closely you’ll see the sea behind the houses 🙂


We made it up to Edinburgh Castle and decided to set Lana free. As usual she just took off in a random direction without looking back. Trying to get a photo with Lana and the castle wasn’t easy, but saying “kissa” (“cat” in Finnish) usually makes her stop and look around for a few seconds so that you can snap a photo 🙂


Have to say I can’t blame people for thinking Lana’s a boy – especially after daddy’s dressed her…Well, at least she’s got pink shoes!


The castle entrance. Still haven’t paid to go inside, but perhaps we’ll do that when my parents come and visit…(Book the flights already will ya!)


The magnificent Arthur’s Seat in the back. Really miss running there!


I realised that I don’t have a photo of me and the castle, so obviously had to rectify that!


We continued down the Royal Mile and all the hundreds of shops selling Scottish souvenirs…


…such as colourful cashmere scarves.


We also bumped into this slightly unnerving bird.

In front of St Giles’ cathedral stands Lothian Chambers where Lana was registered when only a few days old.


Victoria street is even prettier in the sun – but to me it will always be the street where I once saw a pigeon being squished to death by a car…:( Sorry for putting that image in your head!

hula juice bar

Before walking home we popped into Hula juice bar for some refreshing smoothies and a cheeky piece of vegan butternut squash brownie…You need to try it, it is amazing!

I’ve got some news, but will hold off a bit longer before telling you guys…:P

x Nina x