Fifth Week In Finland

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Summer is finally here! It’s been warm and sunny most of the week and this week looks even better 🙂 We’ve been to the beach a couple of times (where we had a little photo shoot with my pregnant friend above), visited an organic farm, picked some more berries, had a child-free cheese and wine picnic with the girls, spent time with Lana’s cousins and just enjoyed the nice weather. Oh, and we also got a visit from a furry friend with wings…:/


Think we were about 10 adults and 10 children at the beach last Tuesday – kids everywhere 🙂


Cows relaxing in the sun on Bosgård Organic Farm that we visited last Wednesday.


There are plenty of black and red currants on my parents’ yard, this week it was time for the black ones to get picked and turned into jam by my dad.


The lingonberries are also starting to ripen.


My niece in her new dress that she proudly showed off.


For the second time this summer I got to enjoy time with my girlfriends and without children – this time with lots of different cheeses and wine 🙂


Also visited a friend who’s building a lovely house in the most beautiful Finnish countryside.


On Sunday Lana turned 6 months! She is such a smiley little thing who brightens up every day <3 The whole weaning thing isn’t going great – she just doesn’t understand that she needs to open her mouth in order to eat…But whenever I manage to sneak some pure into her mouth she seems to savour it and swallows most of it, so can’t really tell if she’s ready for it or not  – if anyone has any tips please do share!

She’s also started waking up several times a night for some reason I can’t think of. I feed her a little and she falls right back asleep again, so not sure if she’s hungry or not. Both of her lower teeth are out now so don’t think it’s teething either. Maybe she just wants cuddles?


Just try to ignore my mum taking photos in the back 🙂


Matthew left on Sunday morning, unfortunately he’ll be missing out on the nice weather!


And here we have the furry little thing we bumped into…in our BED! I was feeding Lana on our bed when I saw something black in the corner of my eye, and this little bat crawls out from underneath Matthew’s pillow! (We now call Matthew “Batman”.) I had opened the window for a few hours the same morning as it was so hot in the room, so the bat must’ve come in then. Needless to say I got out of the bed pretty quickly! My dad took a cloth and took it outside where it eventually flew off. Megayuk although I have to admit it looked quite cute…

I’ve booked flights for the 21st of August, so we’ve only got 10 days left in Finland before returning to Edinburgh. I’ve enjoyed my stay so much that if Matthew was here I could easily stay for even longer!

x Nina x